ZOOM Wedding: Creative Solution for Coronavirus Nuptials

For couples facing planning or having to change plans in midstream, the ZOOM wedding, a teleconference ceremony, which connects couple, guests, and officiant via videochat is a great solution.

I offer highly personalized ZOOM ceremonies for couples anywhere in Virginia. The same level of customization I offer every couple for every wedding. The ceremony is the heart of any wedding, so it’s always been my commitment to couples to co-create ceremonies that are unique and meaningful. With a ZOOM wedding, this is even more important, because the ceremony IS the wedding.

To get a sense of how personal and unique my ceremonies are, I invite you to read the reviews on my weddings page as well as on WeddingWire, where I’ve won The Couples Choice Award for my custom officiant services. It has always been part of my committment to couples to be a reassuring presence, but I think this is especially important at this time of uncertainty and change. I’m hoping this helps couples know that they can count on me, relax, have fun, and enjoy their special day.

Many couples tell me they plan to have a party to celebrate the wedding after the virus is behind us all. But for now, they want to move forward with the wedding with a creative solution that is safe, practical, and affordable for them and their guests.

If you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level and celebrate your love story with friends and family, let’s make it happen. I invite you to contact me to save your date and time. You can reach me at art4spirit@yahoo.com or (540) 577-8854

Looking forward to talking with you,


Rev. Kanta Bosniak

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