I really appreciate this sweet review from a wonderful couple!
“Kanta is a rare soul. You must work with her!”

“We reached out to Kanta during Covid-19, and we were not disappointed! She replied within two hours after sending the first contact email. Kanta Bosniak is an amazing person who puts her entire heart into the whole process.

When we first reached out, we had no idea what we wanted for our wedding. We had no set date, no time, or even a location, but that wasn’t a problem for her! She was dedicated to working with us to make our day magical. We were able to get married a few weeks after initial contact. The ceremony was spectacular! Her words during the ceremony were beautifully written to the point of tears.

Our Zoom wedding couldn’t have been more perfect, and it is all thanks to our amazing officiant. She’ll take your hands and guide you to the next chapter in life with compassion and laughter.

Every engaged couple in the area MUST reach out to Kanta Bosniak. You will regret NOT calling her asap. You just have to have her for your wedding and experience the love, the magic, and the rare soul that is Kanta Bosniak.
-The Cookie dough lovers 2020

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