There is a Sanskrit word, for truth, “Satya.” It does not mean the brutal harsh expression that some people think of as “honesty.” It means right use of speech, which has compassion, respect and kindness folded into it and which is imbued with the awareness that the one you are addressing is an expression of God.

There are certain circumstances in life when words may be used with strength, to avert or interrupt harm, and that is Satya too. But in everyday life and love, it is good to focus on how we use words to nourish and bless our relationships. Relationships we have with ourselves, with our Source, and with our beloveds. As a wedding minister, I only use Sanskrit words if they are appropriate to the couple, such as a couple who are on a yogic spiritual path. But the concept of right speech is cross-cultural.

-Rev. Kanta Bosniak
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image: “You Answered Me and Made Me Bold” by Kanta Bosniak, inspired by Psalm 138 mixed media painting on canvas

"You Answered Me"

“You Answered Me”


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