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WeddingWire Regional Top-Rated Officiant and Winner of the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards for 2014, and 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 as determined by reviews from past clients. It recognizes my business as among the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide! Thanks so much to all the amazing couples who made this happen! 

I have been mostly on sabbatical from officiating weddings since COVID. I am extending my sabbatical through to next year (2023) to minimize risk and to focus on writing, illustrating, and publishing books. When I return to creating and officiating customized wedding ceremonies, I will be interested in working with couples who want a niche wedding with a unique aesthetic. Lovely, meaningful, fun, and deeply personal, and with a relatively intimate group of guests (about up to a maximum of 40 or 50), all of whom stay up to date with whatever vaccinations are recommended by the CDC.  

When I resume weddings- 
New Prices TBA. These will reflect any increases in travel costs. 
New Attire, moving forward, I will still be all in for retro, theme, and cosplay. What will change is my default attire. I am retiring the black top and skirt/white scarf look and replacing it with a wedding appropriate blazer or suit jacket and skirt. Less severe, more celebratory!

In Virginia, my travel area includes most the the Roanoke and New River Valleys. It begins April 1 and goes through October 15. I am also available for weddings in some areas in Pennsylvania. 


Book your Pennsylvania ceremony in my PA. travel area: The Northwest section of the city and nearby suburbs- Chestnut Hill, Plymouth Meeting, Flourtown, Ambler, Montomeryville, Fort Washington, and surrounding areas… as well as venues on the Main Line- Wynnewood, Ardmore, Narberth, Bryn Mawr, Malvern, Radnor, Villanova, and surrounding areas.

Note: In Pennsylvania, I offer weddings for couples who obtain a “Self-Uniting” marriage license. This is, sometimes referred to as a “Quaker Wedding” license, though you do not necessarily have to be Quaker to apply. I was born and raised in Philadelphia raised in a Quaker family and attended 12 years of Quaker education at a Germantown Friends School. My parents were married in the Quaker tradition and were members of the Chestnut Hill Meeting. Later in life, my father attended the Germantown Meeting.

I am grateful for the many gifts of the Quaker experience and its emphasis on kindness, equality, and inclusion. I enjoy working with couples who, regardless their faith or spiritual path, share these same values: Love is love. Everyone counts. Science makes society work better and so do empathy and imagination. If this is a perspective you share, I would love to work with you!

I am proud to say that one of the first weddings I officiated was for an extemely creative Pennsylvania  (non-Quaker) couple who had obtained a “Self-Uniting” license and who wanted me to work with them to create a truly unique and memorable event. And that is my commitment to you, whether you are a Virginia or Pennsylvania couple. Let’s make some magic! 


If you and your beloved desire a ceremony that reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple, I would like to help you make that a reality. Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re inviting five hundred of your closest friends, I will be delighted to create a personalized, meaningful, and memorable ceremony for you.

“Kanta is AMAZING!! I have been working with Kanta for over 2 years now and she is nothing short of amazing! Her rates are always affordable, she’s professional and always on time for rehearsals and/or wedding day festivities. My favorite part is how she takes such a unique approach to the services she provides. She doesn’t just provide a service. She provides the EXPERIENCE which is exactly what you want for your wedding! I HIGHLY Recommend Kanta as a wedding officiant!”
-Lyndsi Hale, Mountain Lake Lodge

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I am an interfaith, non-denominational minister and am happy to work with couples of many faith traditions as well as couples who may describe themselves as “spiritual/not religious.” Whether your Higher Power is God, Universal Love, Nature… whether your guiding principles are family, making the world a better place…or simply compassion, like the Dalai Lama, who said “My religion is kindness,” I would be honored and delighted to work with you. Together, we can create a ceremony that reflects your values and celebrates your love.

If you are less traditonally religious than your family, no worries. Most of my clients are “spiritual/not religious” couples whose families are more rooted in traditional religion, and I know how to create ceremonies that while they are authentically about the couple, also invite families in and make them feel very comfortable.

A Unique Perk for Couples! Free Folk Art Marriage Certificate!

Free with my wedding officiant services: your choice of one of six folk art marriage certificates!

Virginia’s certificate is very plain. I thought, “I could do better!” So, I did. These are art prints of original paintings on canvas. Other options include Same-Sex Marriage Certificates, Commitment Ceremony, and Vow Renewal Certificates. Baby Blessing Certificates are also available for ceremonies I officiate. I’m a folk artist and the certificates are in my colorful, folk art primitive style, influenced by my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. I’ll sign and give you the Virginia one, of course. And if you like my versions, choose one! My gift to you.

“Not only did Kanta marry us with the perfectly spoken ceremony, but she created the most beautiful and unique marriage certificate for us to remember our special day every time I walk in the door!”
– Martha

Web Ready Certificates Menu

I  love weddings! All weddings, from the more traditional ones to the more alternative, from fancy to rustic, from ballroom to woodsy. I am happy to incorporate elements in the ceremony from various cultural backgrounds and spiritual traditions.

Whatever your faith tradition, or if you are a couple bringing two faiths into the ceremony, I will be delighted to honor that in the ceremony. I also work with the broad demographic of “spiritual/not religious” couples. In fact, that is my specialty. I think it’s very important for a wedding officiant to respect the spiritual views of the couple, whether they are more on the traditional side of things or less so. I am a minister, so of course I come to things from a spiritual perspective.  I have been a student of world religions my whole life and a meditation teacher for 45 years.

That being said, many couples who might describe themselves as “agnostic” truly have a spiritual connection, just one that is more abstract and intuitively sensed. Their “higher power” may be the presence of the natural world, loving relationships, kindness, and compassion or all of the above. This is something I honor, while I am also creating ceremonies that make everyone, even more traditional family members feel welcome and comfortable.

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For most weddings, I wear conservative and very simple wedding attire, black with a white scarf as a clerical stole. In the photos below, you’ll see lots of examples of this (I call it the “penguin suit”). I also have a dark navy blue version of this attire.

In addition, I’m happy to match my attire to the theme of your wedding.  Rustic? Elegant? Retro? Steampunk? Boho/ M60s Mod? Boho/70s Hippie? Hawaiian? Cowboy? 1920s Flapper era? You name it. I’m happy to collaborate with you to create the ceremony of your dreams visually as well as verbally. So, if you are a couple are creating a particular look and you’d like me to participate, let me know. I’ll be happy to wear my black, purple, cobalt blue, or gray top hat, or my brown derby. I’m constantly adding to the costume box. If you wish me to, I’ll be delighted to match my attire to fit your style or theme.

Victorian, Fairytale & Steampunk Weddings

What’s a Steampunk wedding, you ask? Here’s a beautiful look at wonderfully creative wedding: Featurette of a Danny & Lauren’s Steampunk Wedding with Irish and Chinese prayers woven in.
Jason Jarvis Photography

Jason Jarvis Photography


Client Testimonials

Kanta is a rare soul. You must work with her! “We reached out to Kanta during Covid-19, and we were not disappointed! She replied within two hours after sending the first contact email. Kanta Bosniak is an amazing person who puts her entire heart into the whole process.

When we first reached out, we had no idea what we wanted for our wedding. We had no set date, no time, or even a location, but that wasn’t a problem for her! She was dedicated to working with us to make our day magical. We were able to get married a few weeks after initial contact. The ceremony was spectacular! Her words during the ceremony were beautifully written to the point of tears. Our Zoom wedding couldn’t have been more perfect, and it is all thanks to our amazing officiant. She’ll take your hands and guide you to the next chapter in life with compassion and laughter. Every engaged couple in the area MUST reach out to Kanta Bosniak. You will regret NOT calling her asap. You just have to have her for your wedding and experience the love, the magic, and the rare soul that is Kanta Bosniak.”
-The Cookie dough lovers 2020

“After being together 19 years we decided to marry. Although Covid 19 put a challenge in things, Kanta was able to work with us, remain flexible and pull off a perfect ceremony. Her interview and careful listening captured our story over the past 19 years. We were both very touched. She made us stop, think and reflect. It was an absolute perfect day that exceeded our expectations.”

“I’m so grateful that we found Kanta. She is immeasurably dedicated to her role in a wedding and is accessible from the moment you book her. Kanta interviewed us, then used that information to write a personalized ceremony. We received many compliments about her warm and thoughtful remarks, She answered any and all questions that we had, and she helped calm my nerves before the ceremony. She was well worth her modest fee; she made our wedding day! We highly recommend her.”

“Kanta is such a lovely woman. When I requested more information from her on Wedding Wire she called me almost immediately. She made our ceremony very special and personalized it to fit my husband, myself, and our families. She wrote a very beautiful passage about our love story which was very sweet. Everyone at our ceremony was very complimentary of her. I could not recommend a better officiant! The personalized wedding certificate that she gave to us was a print of one of her paintings and it is absolutely beautiful! To say we enjoyed working with her is an understatement! Thank you so much Kanta!”

“My wife and I were very happy that we found Rev. Bosniak. She did a great job getting to know us in our initial conversation and we had a fun and thorough interview with her to plan our wedding. We had a theme in mind and she found just the right words to weave it throughout the beautiful and memorable ceremony she created for us. Our family and friends really enjoyed it and we got a lot of positive comments. Rev. Bosniak is kind, flexible, professional, easy to work with, and dedicated, and she goes above and beyond to do a great job. We love the folk art marriage certificate she gifted us with and will treasure it. With the time, care, level of customization, attention to detail, and unique perks she puts into wedding ceremonies, her services are a terrific value. We highly recommend her!”

Photo by Josh Anderson

Photo by Josh Anderson

“Kanta took the time to get to know us on a personal level so that the ceremony could reflect our unique personalities as well as the dynamic between us. She sought our input and offered her own suggestions as far as adding in special quotes to express our theme. She even made sure that her attire was very fitting for our particular wedding theme. If you want somebody who will put in the effort and pay attention to detail, you will not be disappointed with Kanta. Her prices are very reasonable for the quality of service she provides.”

“My now wife and I decided to elope and set a date that gave us only a week to plan. Not only was Kanta able to fit us in to her schedule but to our delight she wrote a beautiful and personal ceremony for us that was way above what we were expecting. I would definitely recommend hiring Kanta to do your wedding.”

Simply the BEST!
We cannot say enough good things about Kanta! We instantly knew we would like working with her from the first phone call, and we loved getting to know her in our coordination meeting. She was more than accommodating of our time changes, and we felt comfortable knowing she was orchestrating the magic! Our ceremony was short and sweet which made us and our guests happy, but also included all the parts we needed to make it our own special event. She helped us pick readings we otherwise wouldn’t have found, and has sent us numerous little goodies that we love! I could go on forever about how much we enjoyed our experience with her, but I will save you the trouble by referring you to the title…she is simply the best!! Thanks, Kanta!!!”

Photographic Deams

Photographic Dreams

“Kanta was a godsend, from the very beginning she made the experience both personal and professional. Our ceremony, indeed our union in general was a bit unorthodox, and this lady took it and ran as if it were her own. Mrs. Bosniak not only made us excited about our ideas but genuinely got excited along with us. If you have to opportunity to work with her, do yourself a favor and seize it, she is the very best.”

“What a great person to work with! We were in a desperate situation as the minister we scheduled with had fallen sick on the day, and my fiance was to fly out in 2 days. Although Kanta has a thorogh custom interview process, she was gracious enough to use her time efficiently to plan and write our wedding vows within the day. She gave us a couple of beautiful gifts, drove all the way to Blacksburg on a very very cold day, and conducted our ceremony. A very humble person who offers great services at a very reasonable price.”

“Kanta is a wonderful person to work with! We were in a terrible situation since our officiant had fallen sick on the day of our wedding. We contacted Kanta and she agreed to do the ceremony for us on a very short notice. Not only that, she paid special attention to the kind of couple we are and personalized the ceremony for us. This speaks volumes about the kind of a person she is. We could not be more grateful to her.”

“Kanta was lovely. She crafted a ceremony that truly felt like us, and was a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Photo by Holly Cromer

Meghann Chapman Photography

“Kanta was the officiant at our wedding this November, and did not disappoint. She had excellent communication being sure to ask plenty of questions to make sure she could tailor a service around our needs. Throughout all elements of the planing stage, she kept us informed and on the day of the ceremony she had some beautiful dialogue prepared. We would definitely recommend her to any couple looking for an officiant.”

“Right away I knew Kanta was a perfect fit for us. She is funny, down to earth, and super sweet. She was very thorough in explaining the ceremony components and what our options were. She worked with us and our unique style to create a beautiful ceremony. She was available whenever we had questions or concerns. She offered a long list of readings and prayers to choose from to incorporate into the ceremony. And she happily accepted anything that was not on her list. It was a joy working with her and we couldn’t be happier with how our ceremony turned out.”

“Kanta took everything my wife and I wanted in a ceremony and took it to the next level! She met with us a few months before hand to get to learn about our relationship, how we met, our personalities, how we meshed together, etc etc, took it to the drawing board and hand crafted a ceremony that was personal and meaningful to us. There is absolutely nothing about her ceremony that is cookie cutter, whether you are religious, non-religious, or anything in between, she will figure something out to fit exactly what you want. Kanta hand picked a multitude of readings that would be meaningful to my wife and I, and gave us the choice of what readings we wanted in our ceremony. She never forced anything on us, and it felt like we were in control in every aspect of our ceremony. Kanta provided the groundwork and finishing touches to make our ceremony the one of our dreams. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, and have already done so.”

Photographic Dreams

“We were referred to Kanta through our wedding venue’s preferred vendor list and we heard nothing but great things from the staff about her. We wanted a ceremony that was not religious at all since my now husband is Atheist/Agnostic and I am more on the spiritual side. She was the perfect choice! She was so great at making sure the wording of the ceremony was exactly what we wanted. She spoke about eternal love and all of our values as individuals and as a couple. When we met with her for the first time and got to know her, we went home with such confidence that she GOT US! She asked great questions to learn about our relationship and about how we met, which she included in the ceremony. She had the perfect levels of funny and thoughtful and a dash of hopeless romanticism. We love her and couldn’t have asked for a better person to join us as man and wife.”

“Kanta made our wedding personal and unique. She spent time with us prior to our special day and we got to know one another. She allowed us quiet time prior to our wedding day to remember all the things that made us special to one another. Our vows were heartfelt with her meaningful words expressed our love and devotion to one another. This is the most special day in your life and if you want it to be yours and not like everyone else’s day than Kanta is the one minister you want to make that difference. Our wedding day was small and personalized for us and she made all the difference. Your personal touches will be honored and she will make a magical ceremony for you that is the best way to start your new lives together. For all the couples planning a wedding, Kanta will work with you to design your vows the way you want them and add so much more with her tender words and kindness.”

Photo Kanta Bosniak
Floral design and art print Kanta Bosniak

“Working with Kanta was such an absolute delight! She went above and beyond any typical officiant’s obligations in an effort to make sure we had the best day possible! She recognized who we were as individuals and made sure to place an emphasis on our personal love story, created my beautiful bouquet, delivered a one of a kind Wedding Certificate, and was always there when we needed her, day or night. We feel absolutely blessed that we found her and honestly could not have asked to be married by anyone more right for the job! Thank you, Kanta, for being there for us! We would highly recommend you to anyone we know getting married!
~Love, the Lanes”

“When searching for our wedding officiant, my husband and I were looking for someone who was professional, yet a little bit off the beaten path. We were looking for a modernized ceremony that was unique to us, yet still traditional. Kanta Bosniak provided just that. We met her at her folk art gallery in downtown Floyd and felt at home with her right away. She took time to sit with us and get to know us and our love story, and used what she learned to craft a lovely ceremony that was totally customized. Our experience with Kanta was everything we wanted it to be. She was full of helpful suggestions, and was very prompt and professional despite her laid back, carefree attitude. She was altogether a joy to work with.”

Wedding Michelle and Michael Ryan 2

“Kanta is phenomenal!!! So glad we found her… From our first phone conversation to meeting in person she was easy to reach, interested in our love story and just so supportive and fun. We met and she simply asked us questions which she used the answers to create our own personalized ceremony.. She made it so beautiful!!! She is the sweetest person I have ever met!! I hope she is still doing this if we ever decide to renew our vows years down the road. She is professional, fun and made our wedding ceremony everything I dreamed of. I would definitely.. 100% ..recommend her to anyone who wants a completely personal, beautiful and amazing ceremony!! I can’t say enough about this wonderful woman!! Seriously amazing!! Thank you Kanta.. You made my dream ceremony a reality!!!”

“Kanta was absolutely amazing! She was very responsive to emails and calls before the ceremony and was diligent in making sure our ceremony was catered specifically to what we wanted. Between her ideas, beautiful readings, and ability to be flexible, our ceremony was more than we could have ever hoped for.”

“We are so excited to have Kanta officiate our upcoming wedding! Her kind and caring nature has been a calming force while planning our big day. She truly cares about getting to know us as a couple and making our interfaith wedding everything we want it to be! She took time to really get to know us and our love story to share at our ceremony.”
-Ashley & Aaron

Photo by Chelsea Martin Photography

“We had Kanta to officiate our wedding and we couldn’t of had a more comfortable and relaxed experience with her. Kanta did an amazing job telling our story and adding that special touch to our ceremony. We truly enjoyed working with her. 🙂

“Kanta was an absolutely amazing wedding officiant! She thoroughly went over every detail from the rehearsal to the ceremony and gave me the peace of mind that I needed to get through my special day. She was very organized and professional as well as super sweet and easy to work with. She has a very comforting energy and I would definitely recommend her to anyone planning on getting married!”

“We wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful service you prepared for us at the Kyle House. Not only were your words heartfelt and eloquent, they really reflected the time you spent getting to know us as a couple and your dedication to making our service personal and something we will always remember. We have already recommended you to several other couples seeking an officiant. Thank you again for going above and beyond.”
-Sandra and Brittney

“I can’t recommend Kanta enough, for my now wife and I to sit down days before with her and drop into the spirit of the event by going through our story, and have her extract and guide those forces and events that led us here, and craft it all into a meaningful, ‘uniquely ours’ ceremony, left us with deep gratitude to have found Kanta and her gift for this profession. Don’t hesitate to bring her into your day.”

Photo by Jeff Hoffman

“My wife and I found this in a jam a week before our wedding we contacted Reverend Kanta We both were amazed of the connection we had with Reverend Kanta. She thoroughly went through everything and built a beautiful love story that my wife and I shared with her. Kanta did everything she said she was going to do!! My wife and I could not be any happier with reverend Kanta Bosniak. She is definitely an award-winning officiant!!”

“Kanta officiated our wedding on June 18, 2016, and I and my guests cannot stop raving about her! Kanta met with us once to get all of our details, how we envisioned the ceremony going, how much religion we wanted in it (we opted for none at all, but she has a full spectrum!), our love story, etc. Every detail was covered from how I, the bride, was given away, to how people entered and exited, to where and how we’d stand up at the front. Over the course of several months we finalized what readings we wanted–we chose our own, but Kanta has great suggestions–and our order of ceremony. Phone calls and emails were always promptly returned and with great enthusiasm.”

Her preparation helped make the rehearsal go very smoothly. She called a few days before the wedding to finalize our love story and my husband and I cried while we listened. It really centered us and reminded us why we are meant for each other. The ceremony went off with one hitch, ours! We only wish that Kanta could have stayed to party with us because I know my guests would have loved to get to know her more! She is also an amazing poet and artist and also hand crafted our breathtaking ring bearer pillow for us in our wedding colors. Kanta is one of a kind!”


Samantha & Sam's one-of-a-kind ring pillow, by Kanta Bosniak

Samantha & Sam’s one-of-a-kind ring pillow, by Kanta Bosniak

“Kanta is wonderful! Going into the wedding process I was nervous about trying to find an officiant that would work with my husband and I’s beliefs while making it comfortable for our quite religious families and Kanta delivered just that! She created the perfect ceremony for us and I’m so grateful”

“She was absolutely incredible. My wife and I come from religious families but don’t hold the same beliefs, but Kanta was able to make our ceremony PERFECT for both us and our families. Everyone I talked to had nothing but great things to say about her and our ceremony! Working with her was a pleasure and I have already recommended her to a friend of mine!”

wedding susan and david kiss

at Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery
art and floral design by Kanta Bosniak

Photo by Photography by Amiee

Photo by Photography by Amiee

“Kanta was a wonderful resource and we were overjoyed to have her as our wedding officiant. She was always ready and willing to help with any questions or concerns we had leading up to the wedding. She was very flexible and able to meet with us when we had the availability and she was also willing to travel Fincastle for our wedding. We will definitely be suggesting Kanta first for any future family or friends weddings in VA.”

“Rev. Kanta Bosniak was wonderful to work with for our wedding. When we visited her website we had a feeling that she was exactly what we were looking for to perform our ceremony. We are a spiritual not religious couple and we struggled to find an Officiant when planning our wedding. We were anxious to meet Kanta and have our initial interview but she made us feel welcomed and comfortable. She walked us through the entire ceremony and by the time we were answering interview questions we were relaxed and the anxiety was gone. From the rehearsal to the ceremony Kanta was professional and held things together. At our rehearsal we were disorganized and she tightened us up and made sure were completely prepared for our wedding. She even called me on the morning of my wedding day and told me a trick to keep calm when walking down the isle. She performed our wedding ceremony for 100 guests in our backyard. The love story she wrote and told to our guests was beautiful and the ceremony was crafted to our exact desires. We are so thankful that we found her and she was able to be work with us on our special day.”

“Rev. Bosniak performed a beautiful ceremony for my wedding in April. She was professional, courteous, and she brought a wealth of experience and creativity to our ceremony. She took the time to get to know us as a couple so she could incorporate our love story into the ceremony. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and she made the union of my wife and I truly special.”

wedding victoria and greg

Photo by Enigma Photography

“Kanta was amazing to work with! From our first conversation on the phone, we knew she was going to be perfect. She also met with us in person prior to the wedding to get a feel for what we were looking for. She was so professional and easy to work with. She totally understood the vibe we were going for. We wanted a ceremony that was unique and reflected our love story and love for each other. She picked up small nuances of us in that first meeting and that translated into our ceremony. We loved working with and would recommend Kanta to anyone! She was able to give us traditional aspects and more unique touches. A+!”

Photo by Carrie Joines

“Kanta is wonderful! She was recommended to me though my venue, and I had been very concerned about having someone who did not know my husband or me marrying us. It was very important for us to have a personal ceremony. The first time I called Kanta, she and I talked for 45 min and it was the most comfortable conversation! She was very informative, asked a lot of questions to get an idea of what our families were like and let me know about herself so that I was able to make a decision. Kanta works hard to get to know the couples she works with and make the ceremony very personal and does a great job balancing the religious with the spiritual to whatever level works for your family. She listened to what was important to us and made sure to incorporate those things into the ceremony. My guests came up to me and shared that they loved her. She was warm, and really made everything interesting for them as well. I am so pleased with my decision to work with Kanta, and would encourage you to call her if you are looking for an officiant!”

Blake Prim Photography

“It is hard to describe in words how amazing Kanta is. From the first conversation we had with her on the phone we knew she was a special person and WE were the lucky ones to have her as our officiant. Kanta is one of the most kind, warm, and genuine people I have ever met. She tailors the ceremony to your liking and has no problem adding special touches that you and your significant other may want to have. She responds to questions quickly and truly knows how to officiate a beautiful wedding ceremony. The entire night, our guests came up to us and told us how special and personal our wedding ceremony was and that is all thanks to Kanta. We could not be happier with our decision in Kanta. I highly recommend you choose her as your officiant too!”

“From the moment my wife and I talked on the phone on up to the rehearsal and through the wedding ceremony, we couldn’t have been more amazed with the experience we’ve had with Kanta Bosniak. Right away we could tell how much she cared and made sure our wedding ceremony was exactly the way we planned and envisioned it to be. Anytime we needed to contact her, she was so responsive, with either an email or call right away. We appreciated Kanta’s expertise as we were planning out the ceremony, but were also elated with the amount of willingness and flexibility she put forth to make our day so special. All of our guests were asking about her! We are so grateful to have our wedding day officiated by such an incredible person! Looking for the best officiant? Go ahead and get in contact with Kanta, I promise you won’t be disappointed!” -Brandon

“Words can’t express how happy we were with Kanta. We live out of State but got married at Mountain Lake Lodge in Virginia. Kanta came highly recommended by our wedding planner. Kanta took the time to get to know my husband and I prior to our ceremony and personalized our special day making it even more memorable. She is a very caring thoughful person. My husband fell ill right before our wedding and even after the ceremony she has kept in touch checking in on him. It means the world to us. We highly recommend Kanta for your special day!!! “
“Our wedding became most memorable, joyous, and positive due to her excellent service. We were very lucky to find her for our important ceremony. She met us to get to know us and wrote a beautiful vow for us that accommodated my belief from East Asia in very short amount of time. Thank you very much, Kanta!!”

“We were very fortunate to find Reverend Kanta Bosniak by chance. She was very professional and personal. As well as accommodating to our limited time constraints. The ceremony she wrote was great covering both of our history together, spiritual, and esoteric values. Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony.”

“Kanta just married us at Mountain Lake Lodge this past weekend, and it was amazing. She took the time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. Through doing this she was really able to personalize the ceremony and capture us as a couple, which not only made it special and memorable for us, but for our guests as well. Kanta is very easy to work with, punctual, and very thorough. If you are looking for and officiant that is both very professional, but fun and easy going. We are both honored that Kanta was apart of our ceremony; she helped make it a truly magical day.”


Photo by Holly Cromer Photography

Photo by Holly Cromer Photography

“I am so happy we choose Kanta as our officiant. She was wonderful to work with, easy to talk to, and very conscientious and professional. I really appreciated her experience in officiating…she helped me know what to expect and was very helpful in planning the ceremony. The ceremony itself was exactly what I wanted. Everything went smoothly as we had planned. I would recommend Kanta without any reservations.”

“Kanta was so insightful! She is a pleasure to work with and really gets to know the bride and groom as a singular entity, as well as determining what makes each unique! My favorite experience with Kanta (thus far) was when we talked with her about our story as a couple and when we picked singular words that we felt defined one another. With the stress of wedding planning, it was a beautiful reminder of the things we cherish in one another! She goes out of her way for you without thinking twice and is so incredibly, beautifully selfless. Kanta is so fun and dedicated—if you’re looking for an officiant, look no further!”

“Kanta was great! We had our original officiant drop out just a few days before the wedding. We kept frantically searching for someone and luckily came across her. We explained our situation and had a long conversation over the phone so she could find out more about my husband and I. She was such a delight to have at our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Kanta was a dream for my new husband and I to work with. She took the time to really get to know us and what made up our love story. Kanta stayed on top of everything necessary and went above and beyond to give us a beautiful ceremony. We still have people telling us how magical the ceremony was and we couldn’t have done it without Kanta. If you’re looking for an officiant, you’ve found the best.”

“We could not have asked for anyone better for our special day. Kanta took our story and told it beautifully. She truly listened to us and what we wanted and when we had no idea she offered suggestions. She made our day more amazing than I ever imagined.”

“We loved everything she was nice and the ceremony was everything I had hoped for”-Kristin

Wedding Kristin

Photo by Shutterbug Photography

“My partner and I had exactly what we were looking for with Kanta and her beautiful art gallery. She took time to get to know us as individuals and a couple. Her words were perfect for our ceremony. Gina and I were so happy with everything! Would recommend Kanta to anyone looking for a personal, intimate, meaningful ceremony!!” -Jacqueline

Photo by April Simpkins Byrd

Wedding Mark and Lucia with Madonna with Blue Planets

Kanta Bosniak Folk Art Gallery
Art by Kanta Bosniak

Wedding Mark and Lucia rings

Photo by Kanta Bosniak

“Rev. Bosniak was an absolute gift from God. She committed to conduct our service with only days notice and I know God sent her to officiate our wedding. She wrote the most beautiful story of us and put her whole heart into our wedding. Ten years from now I will want Kanta to officiate our vow renewal. She has a wonderful heart and poetic words.”

Wedding Courtney and Chris

“Kanta’s service at my wedding was above and beyond anything that I ever expected. She got to know my now husband and I as individuals and as a couple. She learned “our story” and conveyed that warmly and playfully as we hoped it would be. She had a genuine interest in our love story and that gave us a great connection. Kanta is a wonderful officiant. She made our wedding special to not only my husband and I, but for the guests at the ceremony. They became part of our lives by understanding our union more. By understanding how much we truly love eachother. I never expected such a meaningful service. Kanta will definitely make your ceremony a beautiful and life changing event.”

“Kanta is a loving, warm and professional wedding officiant. She was flexible with bad weather that we had at our wedding. She showed up early and wrote a beautiful love story for our wedding. Her warmth and calmness was much appreciated on our special day. I would highly recommend her for any wedding.”

“Rev. Kanta did a wonderful job officiating our wedding. She met with us first and got to know us to write our vows and make them unique to us. She arrived early at the venue despite bad weather. The service was beautiful, well written and flowed well. We had several people remark on how they loved how our love story was written and told during the ceremony. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.”

Stephanie Poe-Thomas/Muse Photography

Stephanie Poe-Thomas/Muse Photography

“Kanta performed our ceremony and was spectacular to work with in preparing for the event. Ours was a small ceremony with just family so having the details right was important. She took the time to meet with us in advance, listen to our story and incorporated those details, event the tiniest of those details, into our wedding.
She did a wonderful job and we were very glad to have her play such an important and meaningful role in our very special day.”
-Doug and Jamison

Photo by Sierra Rock

Photo by Sierra Rock

“Kanta was amazing and really gave us a beautiful and special day! She is the best!”

“My wife and I couldn’t have had a more perfect day thanks to Kanta.”

Photo by Junebug Photography

Photo by Junebug Photography, Floral design by Kanta Bosniak

“Kanta was an absolute Godsend!  Our ceremony was perfect!  Kanta personalized everything to us, right down to the detail of us meeting on  We could not have asked for a better person to share this special day.  I knew from the moment I spoke with her on the phone, she was the person for us.  I would recommend Kanta to anyone needing a personal ceremony!”

We had the pleasure of having Kanta perform our ceremony earlier this year. We could not be happier with our choice. Kanta was very attentive, and never tried to change our minds on what we wanted. She incorporated all of our details about our relationship. The ceremony was beautiful. We know we made the right decision. The overall experience was fantastic, and she is worth her weight in gold!

Wedding TyEsha and Micayla

Kanta was so caring and helpful. Anytime web called her with questions she was always ready and willing to answer. She had beautiful words and even teared up as she was doing our ceremony. She was a genuinely caring soul and we appreciate that.

Photo by Pat Cori Photography

Photo by Pat Cori Photography

Kanta did an amazing job. She was incredibly easy to work with and performed a great ceremony. She struck a good balance that left both my Catholic family happy and my wife’s Baptist family happy as well as making our more agnostic friends comfortable.

“Despite us having a long distance wedding, Kanta contacted us numerous times in order to get to know us. She made our ceremony very personalized for us. She has gone above and beyond what you would expect from a wedding minister. Our ceremony was definitely more meaningful thanks to her.”

Photo by Skyryder Photography

Photo by Skyryder Photography

I have only positive things to say about Rev. Kanta Bosniak. Working with her was a pleasure and her disarming personality put us at ease while we were stressing about other details related to wedding planning. Originally I had reservations about finding a wedding officiator online, but one conversation with her over the phone put all those fears to rest. She is so personable you feel like you’ve known her for years. And on top of making sure we were happy with the ceremony, she also prioritized making my Baptist family and his Catholic family equally comfortable with the service. I have no critiques to offer because her work was meticulous. She skipped no detail, provided service above expectation, and has the special skill of putting anyone in her company at ease. If you are looking for an officiator, I enthusiastically recommend Rev. Kanta Bosniak!

Photo by Cari Lynn Photography

Photo by Cari Lynn Photography

My husband and I had a wonderful time with Kanta. We wanted a small, personalized service & Kanta went above and beyond anything I expected. I really enjoyed the fact she gets to know her couples – something I wasn’t expecting. I expected a few personalized details during the ceremony but relatively textbook after that. Totally not the case – she included love, laughter and just the right amount of spunk. We had a wonderful initial meeting and she answered any questions I had not only about the ceremony itself, but the order of everything, too! We partIcipated in a wedding package she offers in Floyd, Va, and it was just amazing. Kanta was truly a blessing among the stars.
-Lacy, Roanoke, VA

Photo by

Photo by

Kanta did a wonderful job with our wedding. She got to know us and came up with a ceremony that was personal to us both. We could not have asked for a better service. Thank you Kanta!

photo by imagesby

photo by imagesby

Photo by Kendra Poston

Photo by Kendra Poston

“We were pleased as punch to meet Kanta and have her be our officiant.  She has a very warm personality, but she is also professional and organized.  She took the time to get to know our personalities and love story, which she later wove beautifully into the ceremony. After the wedding, our guests asked us how long we had known Kanta , and they were completely surprised when we said we had only met her a couple of months earlier–that’s how personable she was. Our wedding was outdoors (we were on top of a mountain), and Kanta made sure her outfit was seasonally appropriate, which we thought was a nice touch; it was very thoughtful of her to pick out colors that matched our woodsy surroundings.  Little things like that made us realize how much she wanted our day to be perfect, which it was…despite the chilly weather!  : )”

“My wife scoured the Internet looking for a non-religious officiant, and I am happy that she was able to locate Kanta, who is local to the New River Valley. When the three of us sat down to discuss the wedding plans, I really liked how professional and personable she was. We felt comfortable telling her what we wanted, and we could tell that she loved her job; she was honestly excited for us, and we were very pleased with how our wedding went. I would recommend Kanta to anyone who wants to have a non-traditional wedding. She did a wonderful job!”

“All the reviews I read about Rev. Kanta were true and accurate and then a whole lot more. My husband and I cannot be more delighted with the special elopement ceremony Rev. Kanta created for us. She spent time with us on the phone (we were not local) and then developed a very beautifully worded ceremony. Rev. Kanta married us on Christmas Eve, working around her own holiday plans. She also made a beautiful bouquet. All of the details were just perfect!!! I would highly recommend Rev. Kanta Bosniak–you will be very pleased.”

BeFunky_wedding walter and mary cabell.jpg

“Kanta was the officiant of our wedding on 11/29/14. She could not have been more professional and caring.  She reads people very well and was able to capture our relationship perfectly in words.  She is very sincere and attentive.  We met with her before the wedding to get to know each other and discuss our relationship.  She knew exactly what to ask and was very intuitive.  Kanta was perfect for us and our ceremony.  We could not have been more pleased with her.  My family thoroughly enjoyed her as well.  I would highly recommend her.  She is very easygoing and is non-judgmental.  She is open and very easy to work with.”
-Mary Cabell

My wife and I truly enjoyed Kanta officiating our wedding. She really “got” us a people and our relationship. She really helped to bring our personalities out in the ceremony and several people commented how lovely it was and what a fantastic ceremony she performed.

“All the reviews I read about Rev. Kanta were true and accurate and then a whole lot more. My husband and I cannot be more delighted with the special elopement ceremony Rev. Kanta created for us. She spent time with us on the phone (we were not local) and then developed a very beautifully worded ceremony. Rev. Kanta married us on Christmas Eve, working around her own holiday plans. She also made a beautiful bouquet. All of the details were just perfect!!! I would highly recommend Rev. Kanta Bosniak–you will be very pleased.”

BeFunky_weddding joann and dave bouquet.jpg

Photo by Bernie & Linda Wurtzberger, Floral Design by Kanta Bosniak

BeFunky_wedding joann and dave 3 shot.jpg

Photo by Bernie & Linda Wurtzberger, Floral Design by Kanta Bosniak

“Kanta was extremely helpful with guidance during the entire planning process of our wedding ceremony, from start to finish. Warm and approachable, we felt completely comfortable sharing our thoughts, views, and concerns with her. She spent time getting to know each of us and our love story. Kanta was very open minded and offered thoughtful suggestions in order to create the ideal ceremony to coincide with our beliefs. Her prompt response with communication was a blessing, since the planning can sometimes become chaotic and stressful. Kanta’s calm and inspiring spirit was a soothing peace in a sea of disarray. Our day was magical and full of love and joy, and we are grateful to have found her. Highly recommended!!”

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

“Kanta was the perfect officiant for our wedding. She took the time to get to know our beliefs and values and easily molded our requests into reality. Her calmness and organization put us at ease so we were able to fully enjoy our special day. The wording she chose for our ceremony, ‘to lift each other up’, still resounds in my ears and heart six months later. So thankful we found Kanta!”

“Kanta was amazing to work with. She helped me when I was stressed to calm down and keep my center. It helped that she is so experienced and you can tell she loves what she is does! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized wedding. We also wanted our wedding to be short and sweet. We had so many compliments from our guests and our parents we thoroughly impressed. Thank you for everything, Kanta!”
-Samantha D.

“Our ceremony was absolutely perfect! There really are not words to describe how happy we were with Kanta and her ability to understand us as a couple and also as individuals. She truly helped capture the magic of our day and presented it to our family and friends in a beautiful and honest way that they all could better understand us as a couple and the connection that we share.

We lived far from the location of our wedding and Kanta was very accommodating and was able to meet us in a very small window of time that we would be in the area before the event. In one meeting she not only understood exactly what we were looking for in our ceremony but also was able to discuss with us our relationship in ways that even opened our eyes to the depth of the connections that we have.

Through our brief time meeting with Kanta she was able to determine a way to portray our feelings for each other in words that everyone could understand. It was a truly special and very personal experience and Kanta will always have a special place in our hearts for helping to make our big day that much more magical. It was truly amazing. “

Wedding Kacie and Devin

Junebug Photography

“From the beginning Rev. Bosniak was helpful, informative, kind and understanding. She answered every out of the blue question we had along the way, and even after the wedding. She went out of her way to meet up with us to get to know us so she could tailor our wedding to fit us as individuals and as a couple. And she hit everything on the nose. We had two officiants drop out on us before we found Kanta Bosniak and with how the ceremony turned out; it was for the best. She was always encouraging, positive, calm and very respectful to us, our family and friends. She truly went out of her way for our wedding and we are very grateful.”

Wedding Carmen & Wayne Cropped 2

“Kanta was very professional and responsive. The fact that she meets with the couple before the ceremony in order to make it more personalized was very meaningful to us. She is very reliable and more than willing to answer any questions you may have through the process. I would definitely recommend her services.”

“We were so pleased to have met Kanta and to have her marry us on our special day. She was accommodating to our schedule and made herself available to meet us when we were visiting in the area prior to the big day. She tailored the ceremony perfectly to our needs and desires and was even open to last minute ceremony changes that made the event all the more special and personal. We would highly recommend Kanta to all couples as you will be 100% pleased with the experience from start to ‘I do’!”

“Kanta is wonderful to work with. She takes time to get to know you as a couple and is willing to incorporate ideas for the ceremony that will make it meaningful to those involved. Our ceremony was unique and perfect because of her. I would highly recommend Kanta without reservation.”

“When you imagine an elopement, you think of a court house and a silently judgmental old man officiating your ‘wedding.’ An elopement preformed by Kanta is the exact opposite! She is warm and friendly. She even spent an hour with us learning about our story so she could personalize our elopement! I was floored by how much attention and time she put into our wedding when I was expecting someone who would just brush it under the rug! I am so grateful that we found her. Not only did she officiate, she provided a bouquet and a beautiful folk art marriage certificate. She is a one stop wonderful wedding shop! At one point, we had to change the time of the ceremony and she was completely agreeable and flexible. She did not mind waking up early to do a sunrise ceremony. That is about as dedicated and flexible as an officiant can come! I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us! She made our wedding unique and special. I’m so happy she was our officiant and I would recommend her to anyone who wants an officiant who actually cares!”

Wedding Lukas & Janie 6

floral design by Kanta Bosniak

Wedding Lukas & Janie 5

“The ceremony was absolutely wonderful. When me and my now wife were looking for an officiant we stumbled onto Kanta’s business card at a local coffee shop. We looked her up, and I decided to give her a call. From our first interaction she was absolutely wonderful. From the beginning she was really invested in making our ceremony special. She helped us find a place that was just wonderful, and she went out of her way to make the whole process pleasant. Kanta met me and my now wife a week or so before the wedding to get to know us personally. She asked very good questions about the two of us, and really got to know us very well. We loved the level of attention we got from her. After our ceremony, which was really touching and personal, she sent us a book of her poetry that me and my wife have been reading before bed together.”

wedding kevin & kim
“Kanta thanks so much for creating a unique experience for us. We appreciate your time and creativity. Though we only met briefly you truly captured the spirit of our relationship in the ceremony. Thanks so much for your efforts.”

About the following comment by Katie : Our meeting was a half hour instead of the usual hour because we had such a short timeframe. We met at Starbucks the night before the wedding, a half hour before their closing time. It was a serendipitous and as Tim Gunn from Project Runway might say, a “make it work moment!” And a beautiful one, too. Many thanks for her lovely words. <3

“I approached Kanta at my work the day before my wedding because I knew of her line of work and just wanted to make it official, not expecting to get such a heartwarming opportunity. She offered my fiance and I a small, sweet, beautiful, and personalized next day wedding ceremony at her own home that was absolutely perfect. We didn’t have many ideas about what we really wanted, but after a short meeting with us, she created a memorable ceremony that was everything we were looking for. Kanta was kind and open to our short notice avant-garde wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, heartwarming, sweet, and spontaneous day full of love. Kalven and I are both extremely grateful and would recommend Kanta to anyone that is getting married.”

“Kanta was very passionate and helpful with our wedding day. My wife and I were incredibly happy with how our short notice, yet completely special ceremony turned out.”

Wedding Katie & Kalven

floral design by Kanta Bosniak

floral design by Kanta Bosniak

floral design by Kanta Bosniak

Photo by Laura's Focus Photography

Photo by Laura’s Focus Photography

“Kanta did a wonderful job with our ceremony! She took the time to speak with both the bride and the groom and personalized the ceremony to fit our needs. She was more than happy to work with us when we wanted to add in a hand fasting ceremony and found the perfect blessing. From the first email to then end of the ceremony we had a wonderful experience and would recommend Kanta to any friends getting married in the area in the future! Thanks Kanta!”
-Emily and Sidney

“Our wedding ceremony performed by Rev. Kanta Bosniak was truly the highlight of our wedding day. It was very important to us for the ceremony to be inclusive of the various spiritual views of our families while still being a true reflection of our own values. Prior to the wedding, Kanta carefully interviewed us to learn about who we are as individuals and also about our love story and then crafted the most beautiful ceremony. In addition, she had an air of peacefulness that calmed us on what could have been a very stressful day. The ceremony was so personalized and special that our guests thought we had written our own vows! Several guests commented that it was the most unique, special ceremony that they had ever witnessed. Kanta understood exactly what we wanted in our ceremony, and then completely exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Kanta, for making our day so very special!”

“Kanta was great to work with! She took a lot of time to create a personal ceremony for us and as the groom, I still felt very included in the process. Her professionalism and experience made it easy to place our trust in her and allowed for a stress-free wedding day.”

photo by Graham Ohmer

photo by Graham Ohmer

Liz & James

Photo by Meg Umberger Photography

Photo by Jimmy Deck

Photo by Jimmy Deck

“We wanted a small, simple, just-the-two-of-us ceremony. Kanta met with us… showed wonderful warmth, empathy and understanding… and gave great feedback. She offered an excellent venue, and conducted a brief, pleasing and perfect tone-and-pitch ceremony. If you want to elope, and can work out the logistics, we highly recommend Kanta!”

“From the first moment we communicated with Kanta, we felt supported and celebrated; encouraged and at ease. She was eager to meet us and get to know not only our story together, but also our individual stories. Her interest in us, her joy at our joy, and our delight in getting to know her led to the creation of a poignant, meaningful elopement marriage ceremony. Prior to our initial meeting, we had telephone and email exchanges. Kanta was organized and clear about what to expect. She offered her thoughts about our ceremony, and she listened to ours. There was no pressure, there were no preconceived notions. She took notes on what WE wanted, and composed the ceremony from that – but only after getting our approval (she even got my approval on HER ensemble!). Unexpectedly, we ended up having a snow/ice storm at the time of the wedding & our preferred location was not accessible. Kanta opened up her home to us for the ceremony, at no extra cost to us. She made a lovely altar space for the ceremony, she cleared her deck so we could take photos with the snow covered woods in the background, and she made me a beautiful bouquet – also unexpected. The ceremony reflected our taste, our values, our commitment, and our personalities. The financial value was wonderful; she worked with us and gave us far more than we expected. The emotional value? Priceless. We cannot imagine being more pleased with our wedding. It was perfect for us, and that was due to Kanta’s love…of love.”

“As a somewhat unconventional couple looking for a spiritual, but not religious, ceremony, we were so fortunate to find Kanta! She was wonderful to work with and took the time to learn about our personalities both individually and as a couple. She was able to suggest modern alternatives to some of the traditional ceremony elements that wouldn’t raise our grandparents’ eyebrows. We did most of our planning long-distance, but I was never worried since we had built up a rapport prior to the rehearsal and she was such a calming, helpful presence throughout the entire process. The ceremony that Kanta created was beautiful, really fit both of us, and all of our parents, family and friends had positive things to say about it!”
-Liz & James

“Kanta was such a pleasure to work with. She made our ceremony exactly what we wanted. When we couldn’t find the words to explain how we wanted something she was right there to interpret and help us find the beautiful pieces to our ceremony. We enjoyed every second of having her as out officiant. With the high stress that wedding planning brings, she was the one thing that we never had to worry about.”
-Stephany & Ron

“Kanta was fabulous to work with, listened to our wants and needs as a couple, worked with us to create the sort of ceremony we envisioned and yet added her own touch as well. Responded to all communications in a timely manner and always made herself available to speak with. Wonderful person and officiant and so glad that we had her for our wedding.”

“Our wedding couldn´t be any better if it weren´t for you. Thank you soooo much. Thank you for being patient with us when we weren’t ready to begin the ceremony and for guiding us through it. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us on a personal level so that you could properly conduct the ceremony in a way where the ceremony was for us. Really all my thank yous don´t come close to expressing how grateful I am that we choose you and remember we will always carry you in our heart and memories! Thank you, Rev. Kanta.
Love, Stephanie and Enrique Soto!”


photo by Amy Hurt

BeFunky_wedding robert and jere.jpg

wedding robert and jere with flowers


photo by Purdon

photo by Rhonda Withington

Rev. Bosniak provided an invaluable service on our wedding day by conducting a ceremony that was personal, intimate, and genuine. Rev. Bosniak took the time to get to know us as a couple, and was able to articulate characteristics about us as a couple and as individuals, even when we couldn’t find the words ourselves. Because of her due diligence we were provided with a personalized ceremony that was exactly what we had hoped for. Rev. Bosniak was professional, open to our values, accepting, and non-judgmental. She was well prepared, on time, and very encouraging. Rev. Bosniak played a huge role in making our wedding day unforgettable.
-Donald & Whitney

Photo by Natalie Gibbs Photography

Photo by Natalie Gibbs Photography

Kanta was an excellent officiant who took the time to get to know us well in advance to our wedding date. She personalized the ceremony based on our personalities and made it an intimate experience between my wife and myself, although there were 100+ people in attendance.  She was highly professional and flexible. I never had a single problem getting into contact with her. In the hectic week before the wedding, she called us and confirmed everything as opposed to us having to call her and make sure everything was in order. It made it one less thing we had to worry about. There is nothing bad to say about Kanta, she held a beautiful ceremony and was 100% professional and reliable. If you’re looking for a celebrant, look no further!

We had a wonderful experience with Rev. Bosniak at our recent wedding. She was extremely pleasant and cheerful, adding to our happy day. Her guidance and professionalism were much appreciated during the planning of the ceremony. She made fantastic suggestions based on her experiences that really proved to be worthwhile. She took the time to get to know us and created a ceremony that was personalized to our families, our desires, and our needs. Each member of our respective families complimented our choice on Rev. Bosniak as our officiant, and how she seemed to fit with our wedding perfectly. We truly feel like we have made a friend and hope that we will see her around town during other events that we may each be a part of. We are lucky to have picked her out of all the choices online 🙂
-Lauren & Brian

Lauren & Brian & Me

Maegan & James

“Kanta was very personable. She wrote a beautiful ceremony for us including a Hawaiian Wedding Blessing for our Hawaiian themed wedding. She was very responsive. I was always able to get in contact with her for any questions. She was very flexible. We would recommend her to anyone.”
-Maegan & James

“We LOVED having Kanta as our wedding officiant! She really took good care of us and made time to get to know us. She met with us personally prior to the ceremony and rehearsal (a couple times) to get a better understanding of our relationship and who we are as individuals. She was also great in bringing together the crowd during the ceremony itself, no matter their background (we are a pretty diverse crowd) no one felt out of place or excluded. She made everyone feel very welcome and part of the celebration which was wonderful. We highly recommend her as a wedding minister. Happily married and very pleased with Kanta and our ceremony! “
-Jacqueline & Jon

“I feel so pleased that we had Rev. Kanta to officiate our wedding. She accommodated our requests and was able to provide the unique ceremony that we wanted.”

“Rev. Kanta was absolutely wonderful. She took time to get to know who my husband and I are as people and as a couple. She did a beautiful job making our ceremony personal. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant for their wedding.”

“We loved having Kanta as the officiate for my daughters wedding.”

“My wife and I were overjoyed having Kanta perform our ceremony. She took time to get to know us individually and as a couple and incorporated our personalities into our wedding service. She was there to help bring to life the details that make us who we are. Kanta felt more like a life long friend who was there to share our special day, than someone presiding over the event. We couldn’t be more pleased that we met Kanta! “
-Jason and Jessica

Kanta was wonderful to squeeze us in for a last minute elopement session. Our actual wedding was hosted by a friend and we needed a legitimate officiant, and we needed one fast! She even prepared a special little ceremony and found some beautiful flowers for me. We can’t thank you enough for your flexibility and generosity!!

wedding cummings

Photo by Kevin Hurley Photography

Photo by Noah Magnifico

Photo by Noah Magnifico

video by

photo by Shannon Hunt Ainsley

Michael Keyes/Photographic Dreams

Michael Keyes/Photographic Dreams

“Kanta was an amazing officiant. So wonderful to work with! First of all, I called her on incredibly short notice asking if she was available to marry us. I spoke to her on a Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, and we were getting married on Sunday! Due to our work schedules my fiance, now husband, and I were unable to meet with Kanta in person so she did a conference call with us. We all hit it off immediately. She’s incredibly intuitive, and after speaking to us for just an hour or so crafted one of the most personal services I can recall. I’ve received a ton of compliments about how she just knew us and how her words fit us to a T! But that’s not all, it wasn’t until after I spoke with Kanta that my jittery nerves began to calm down about how our wedding was to proceed. Not only did she write this amazing service, she really helped to guide us with who goes where and when and I FINALLY felt like I had a clue on what our wedding ceremony was going to be like. Our service was interfaith, non-denominational most definitely, very loving, funny and left not a single dry eye in the house. You cannot go wrong with this wonderful lady handling your service!”

Photo by Cindy Tueller/ Paper Bird Studio & Design

Photo by Cindy Tueller/ Paper Bird Studio & Design

Photo by Cindy Tueller/ Paper Bird Studio

Photo by Cindy Tueller/ Paper Bird Studio

“Kanta was wonderful. She really took the time to get to know us beforehand and delivered a very sweet and personalized ceremony. Many of our guests commented on how beautiful it was, and we thought so too!”

“Kanta performed our wedding exactly the way we wanted it. It was a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day for both me and my bride. She met with us before the service months in advance and got to know us as individuals and as a couple. She provided a lot of good suggestions to make our service unique to us. She was very flexible when it came to the details of the wedding. Her performance of the wedding was exceptional and everyone in attendance enjoyed it.”

Photo by Meg Umberger Photography

Floral design by Kanta Bosniak, Photo by Meg Umberger Photography

Mark & Lou Anne wedding

Photo by Barry Brooks Photography

“Kanta was the perfect choice for us on our wedding day. She was extremely accommodating for a quick planning period and was a big part of making our special day peaceful and stress-free. Kanta spoke with us over the phone to get to know our individual personalities as well as our relationship dynamic – with that knowledge she was able to craft a ceremony that felt personal and appropriate for us. She was very thoughtful in all decisions, including bringing our two children into the ceremony and giving them a special part in the service. Kanta created a service for us that reflected our own spiritual understandings while managing to keep our family of varying beliefs comfortable. We had a perfect day, and Kanta was a huge part of that. Thank you!”
-Amber and William

wedding Amber and William

“Amber’s Bouquet” Floral design by Kanta Bosniak, Photo by Kanta Bosniak

“PERFECT !! We planned our wedding ourselves and the only thing that we never second guessed for one second was choosing Kanta to be our Officiant. She is very genuine and simply a pleasure to be around. You can clearly see that she cares deeply in making your memory just perfect. She goes the extra mile and it just comes so natural for her. It was truly a privilege to have found her and you will feel the same for certain!”

“Kanta is a lovely lady with a big heart! She wrote the most beautifully perfect ceremony and really catered to our preferences. Her genuine and peaceful disposition are unmatched. She loves love and I couldn’t recommend her more!! “

photo by Corey Watkins/ Skyrider Photography

photo by Corey Watkins/ Skyrider Photography

“Could not have asked for a more wonderful experience…very connected and attentive …a beautiful person & we feel blessed to have be joined together by her “

“I am so grateful to have found Kanta on wedding wire. She did an excellent job at my recent wedding, and I am forever grateful to her for the time and attention that she gave to me and my new husband. Kanta goes above and beyond to customize the ceremony to your own personal “love story”, and she did an amazing job capturing all of our details to absolute perfection. In addition, she was willing to brave a mountain in snowy conditions to be there for us on our special day. We received not only a beautiful, well written, service, but we also received a lovely marriage certificate which can be framed and displays how amazing art work. Last of all, she did an outstanding job on providing me with a bridal bouquet which was beautiful. I would highly recommend Kanta, and can attest to the fact that not only was she very thoughtful in her work with us, but she was prompt in returning my call, highly flexible, and her pricing was more than fair. I have only good things to say about her, and I’m so happy to have met her. Best Regards, Erin and Aaron Canterbury”

Photo by Photographic Dreams

Photo by Photographic Dreams

wedding erin and aaron

Wedding Jessika and Steven
Rev. Bosniak was one of the greatest people we had the pleasure to work with for our wedding. She was accommodating, professional and very comforting. She knew exactly what to do and it was a pleasure working with Kanta during our wedding planning process. While every other vendor was clearly all about business, talking to Kanta was always just about having the most beautiful wedding ceremony and it was always comforting. We were able to customize our traditional/spiritual wedding ceremony and we everything that we wanted was done beautifully. Thank you Kanta!!

and… <3 <3 <3 (Thanks so much, Jessika!)

Thank you again for everything. My wedding day was amazing. It was amazing working with you and I wish you the best! Thank you for the book of beautiful love poems 🙂

Wedding Shelly and Randy

“Kanta did an excellent job for us and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our wedding ceremony. On short notice, she was very flexible and cooperative, and put together a program to perfectly meet our desires and expectations. She is a lovely woman, quiet and considerate of your personal requests, who will share her artistic and literary talent to make your event unique and special for you. She took time to get to know us without being too intrusive, so she was able to prepare a meaningful marriage eulogy incorporating the vows we prepared for ourselves. She dressed perfectly to fit our setting and our style, and she provided a beautiful colorful bouquet which added just the right touch of color to our simple black and white attire. The unique marriage certificate she provided will be framed and treasured as lovely original artwork as well as representation of our special day. If you are looking for someone to put a special touch on your event, we highly recommend Kanta as a very experienced and talented professional.”
-Shelly & Randy Irvine

wedding paige
wedding paige 2

“Dearest Kanta, Sundara and the sunny weather truly provided a beautiful canvas for our wedding. Your ceremony was lovely and put the finishing touches on our marriage. It was so well-written and the personal touches regarding how Kris and I met answers a lot of people’s questions. We are grateful for your effort, peaceful presence and for all the serenity that you brought. Love, Cheers & Sunshine, Paige & Kris”

photo by Ashley Link/ V.A, Photography

photo by Ashley Link/ V.A, Photography

“Kanta was an absolute dream to work with–we really felt like we knew her through our phone calls and emails, even living in the Midwest during our entire wedding planning process! She does a fabulous job getting to know her couples and un…derstanding their story, and she really listened to what we wanted our ceremony to be like. Our wedding was beautiful because of her gorgeous ceremony, and I really don’t think we can ever thank her enough.”
-Megan and Rob

Megan & Rob’s Wedding Video, by Jarred Foresman:

photo by Angela Jones-Taylor

photo by Angela Jones-Taylor


photo by Angela Jones-Taylor

photo by Angela Jones-Taylor

Kanta, I really don’t think that there are words to describe just how amazingly fantabulous you are and how much we appreciate you for doing what you do. From our first conversation to the ceremony that you personalized to fit Jason and I, we could not have asked to find a better fit. Thank you for taking the time to personalize and make it about he and I as individuals and as a couple. You have helped make our union exactly what we feel o union should consist of! We are forever grateful!<3 Traci and Jason”

wedding cady & kyle

“Kanta is a superb officiant. I recognize my bias, but I have been to innumerable weddings and couldn’t have asked for better. Even working from a distance (for our destination wedding in Virginia) she was able to take the time and carefully create a beautiful, efficient and heartfelt synopsis of our love story without being overly wordy or boring the guests. It was a perfect length and the appropriate amount of personal to be shared with friends and family. We greatly appreciated how flexible she was as how easy she was to work with.”

Wedding Andrea and Dane 3

Wedding Andrea and Dane Minnick

Thank you so much, Kanta! It was better than I could have ever imagined! It feels so good to be married! 🙂 Thank you for your huge part in making our special day so amazing!

Enigma Phography

Enigma Phography

Enigma Photograpy

Enigma Photography

“I could write volumes as to how amazing Kanta is as a wedding officiant! She put together the perfect ceremony for my husband and I, it was EXACTLY what we wanted for our wedding. We were incredibly impressed at our first meeting with Kanta – she cared very deeply about getting to know us as a couple and tailoring our wedding ceremony to our beliefs. She always had perfect suggestions for our ceremony (which we loved), and really wrote a beautifully worded ceremony which made all of our guests feel special. Not only did she do a great job getting to know us during the first meeting, but she was very open, excited, and flexible to having our grandmother participate in our ceremony by writing and reading a special piece for our ceremony. We really felt like we got to know her so well! We’ve gained such a valuable friend from this experience. Kanta was very easy to contact (whether by phone or email), and always reached out to us early to confirm details. Because of her, our wedding ceremony was beautiful, personal, and stress-free! I highly recommend Kanta as a wedding officiant. You will absolutely get the ceremony you’ve always wanted!

Photo by Photographic Dreams

Photo by Photographic Dreams

“Choosing Kanta as our officiant was one of the best choices we made for our wedding day. As a couple who was returning to Blacksburg to get married we wanted to find an officiant who could create a truly memorable ceremony for us. We found Kanta and everything fell into place. She took the time to sit down with us on one of our wedding planning trips to the area and was genuinely interested in our love story. The ceremony that she wrote after speaking to us is something that we will cherish forever. Kanta was able to put our story into words in a beautiful way for our wedding guests. We highly recommend that if you are in search of an officiant in the New River valley area you choose Kanta. You won’t regret it!”

“I want to first say thanks to Kanta for making our ceremony one of the most memorable events in my life. Not only did she spend the time getting to know me and my bride through the interview process, telephone calls and emails but she was able to incorporate in our vows exactly what we feel about each other and our relationship. I would highly recommend her service for anyone that is looking to get married in the New River Valley/Roanoke area. I also want to say just how comfortable I felt working with her, and that she was very knowledgeable and able to help us put together exactly what we were looking for in our ceremony. Thanks Kanta!”

Beautiful Wedding video by Visage X and Brandon Reese Photography

Read the cover article “Kanta Bosniak: Celebrating Love in Many Ways” on page 12 of the Feb 2014 Natural Awakenings Magazine:

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Wedding Pro Endorsements

“Kanta is AMAZING!! I have been working with Kanta for over 2 years now
and she is nothing short of amazing! Her rates are always affordable,
she’s professional and always on time for rehearsals and/or wedding day
festivities. My favorite part is how she takes such a unique approach to
the services she provides. She doesn’t just provide a service. She
provides the EXPERIENCE which is exactly what you want for your wedding!
I HIGHLY Recommend Kanta as a wedding officiant!”
-Lyndsi Humphreys, of Mountain Lake Lodge

“I fell in love with Kanta the first time I met her. She has a wonderful personality, warm and caring nature about her. After doing several weddings with her I was able to see her professionalism, and the pride she takes when officiating. She adds such personal touches to the ceremony and the special gift she offers afterwards is such a keepsake for years to come! I consider it a blessing to be able to work with her.”
-Brenda James Taylor, Everlasting Memories Event Planning

“What a pleasure working with Rev. Kanta Bosniak. She has a passion for weddings and works to make sure the essence of each couple is represented in their vows and throughout the ceremony. Her joy comes in writing the perfect ceremony unique to each of her clients. Kanta is a true professional and very adaptable! I would most definitely recommend Kanta to any of my clients!”
-Wedding Planner and Director, Vicki Itson, of Simplicity

“Still stuck on finding the perfect person for your I Do’s? Take a look at Kanta Bosniak Weddings! [on FB] Aside from being an Ordained Minister, Kanta has amazing personality and creativity to help make your ceremony unique and special. Check her out and give her a well deserved “like” while you are there!”
Shannon Hunt Ainsley, Always and Forever Photo, Dublin, VA

“Rev. Kanta Bosniak was a truly remarkable officiant at the last wedding
we worked together in Forest, VA and the West Manor Estate. The wedding
was a SteamPunk themed wedding and Rev. Kanta was more than excited to
dress up in the same SteamPunk fashion to help match the environment.
Throughout the entire wedding, she was happy, smiling, well spoken and a
joy to work with. She made the ceremony so memorable, I wish that she
could be at all of the weddings I photograph!”
-Jason Jarvis, of Jason Jarvis Photography

“Kanta offers personalized, client-centered weddings of various themes including Celtic Handfast, Sand Ceremony, Hawaiian Spirituality and Leis Ceremony, Yoga influences, and more. She has a peaceful presence and is willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of the marriage couple. She is a gifted interviewer and has excellent skills as a writer and public speaker. Kanta is experienced in bringing together diverse groups, making everyone feel included. She is adaptable, flexible and creative; for these reasons she is certainly the region’s leading wedding minister!”
Jim ‘Seamus Wynde Baldwin, (Bagpiper), Member and Band Manager, Seconde Wynde

The Rev. Kanta Bosniak and I recently worked together at a beautiful wedding at Rockwood Manor in Dublin, Virginia. She was very nice to work with, very professional, and was prompt in her ceremony with the wedding couple. I would highly recommend Kanta!! AA++
-Michael Keyes, Photographic Dreams Wedding and Event Photography

“Chateau Morrisette highly recommends Rev. Kanta Bosniak as a ceremony officiant. Every time she has officiated a wedding at Chateau Morrisette, Rev. Bosniak has been very reliable, responsive, and professional. She carries a ceremony with an experienced, yet upbeat and caring tone. In the past she has been able to step in and wonderfully fulfill the position as wedding officiant last minute. Her welcoming and accepting nature of all walks of life makes her a perfect officiant for your ceremony.”
-Sally Truslow, Chateau Morrisette Events Director

“Kanta is such an amazing person and her services are very professional I highly recommend her for your services.”
-Pat Photographer & Owner of Pat Cori photography

“Kanta is an absolute delight to work with! She truly is an incredible wedding officiant! I love how detail oriented she is with all of her weddings. Being a wedding planner myself, I truly appreciate how much detail and thought she puts into her work with all of the pre-planning! On the wedding day, she always delivers a beautiful wedding ceremony and carries herself beautifully. I look forward to many more weddings with her as the officiant!”
-Michele Robb, Owner and Wedding Planner, The Perfect Fairytale

Floral Design by Kanta Bosniak

Floral Design by Kanta Bosniak

Pricing, Availability, and Contact

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about pricing options and packages. 


Basic Custom Package in Virginia available in venues in Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas and most of the New River Valley. Creation of Custom Ceremony (includes in-person or phone interview and writing of ceremony)
$400.00 ceremony only, $500.00 ceremony and rehearsal
Complimentary:  performance of ceremony, your choice of one of six Keepsake Folk Art Marriage Certificates created exclusively by Rev. Bosniak for Kanta Bosniak Weddings, and upgraded filing of your license by return postcard Certified Mail. Or, if your license was issued by the Floyd County Clerk’s Office, I will file it in person.
Travel fee may apply outside local area

Basic Custom Package in Pennsylvania Creation of Custom Wedding Ceremony for coupled who obtain a”Self Uniting” license. $1100.00 cremony and rehearsal. Travel fee may apply for weddings outside my Philadelpha travel area. 

The package is prepaid, non-refundable, date, time, and location specific. Please do not make your payment until we have spoken on the phone, confirmed that we’re a good fit, and that I’m available at the date, time and place of your wedding. (540) 577-8854. When we have that in place, I will send you an invoice, payable upon receipt. Your payment reserves my services and we can move forward with scheduling our interview (by phone or in person) and creating a plan for your ceremony. I look forward to talking with you about your special day!

Niche Weddings: Authentic, Personal, and Meaningful  by Rev. Kanta Bosnak

Alerted by jazzy marimba sound, I dug in my bag, found its source, and glanced at the North Carolina number as I touched the green icon. The young woman’s voice bubbled over with excitement. “I know this is a cliché, but my fiancé and I are ‘spiritual but not religious.’ We want a non-denominational wedding in natural setting and we heard that Floyd is a beautiful place to get married.”

In fact, the entire Roanoke Valley and New River Valley region has a lovely, gentle charm that lends itself to sweet and personally meaningful events. Keywords: personal and meaningful. The trend to client-centered, independent and niche is what’s happening.

This cultural phenomenon has influenced other aspects of our lives. With satellite, cable, and online entertainment, the three basic channels plus PBS have morphed into a myriad of choices. Now every individual can broadcast thoughts, images and ideas via YouTube and social media. Increasingly, the publishing industry has gone indy. Done are the days when “self-publishing” was less-than, as even established writers have chosen to shape and promote their own creations and big box stores compete with online outlets. Creative doors have opened for all of us.

And so it is with weddings. Engaged couples have more choices and they feel empowered to make those choices match their lives. In addition to the traditional church wedding many are opting for one that is non-denominational. They want to take the path less traveled, blaze their own path entirely, blend old traditions with new ones or include cross-cultural features that honor their beliefs and/or adopted spiritual paths.

For example, many couples incorporate the Celtic hand fast in their ceremony, because of Irish or Scottish heritage, or because of they find beauty and personal meaning (those words again!) in the ritual of literally “tying the knot.” This preference is so often-requested that I maintain close contact with the region’s top bagpipers so that couples who want the full-tilt experience can have their scone and eat it too.

As a wedding minister the task of personalizing and meaning-making begins with interviewing both bride and groom. Times may have changed, but it’s still the bride’s dream day, so I begin with her. How would she characterize the two of them? If they are two overlapping circles, where are the common qualities in the Venn diagram that is created? In a second conversation, I ask for input from both of them. What are their most important shared values? What does “spiritual” mean to them? What inspires them?

Sometimes couples follow slightly different paths from one another. I recently wrote a ceremony for the wedding of a Buddhist-oriented bride and a groom who resonates more with Hinduism.

Finding the language of common ground is especially important for weddings in which the couple’s spirituality differs from the more traditional roots of their extended families (and their families may differ from each other). It’s the couple’s day and the service must be authentic to them. That’s why they hired an interfaith minister, after all! At the same time, we all want the ceremony to invite, include, honor, and feel joyous for everyone attending.

Today’s couples may blend families as well as faiths. Ceremonies may include children from previous marriages. Sometimes weddings may formalize longstanding marriage-like relationships that have produced children. I know of a wedding a colleague officiated in which one of the couple’s grown sons (in his late thirties, I’m guessing, from pictures) escorted his mother down the aisle. I recently performed a wedding in which the couple had small children who were so precious as ring-bearers and flower girl that they (almost) stole the show.

While this couple may not typify the usual wedding couple in some ways, it did represent a trend I’ve noticed in with wedding couples that’s a bit different from past generational models. Yes, it’s the bride’s “dream day.” Their fiancés know this and let them have the pleasure of being the Wedding Princess: being in charge of the overall vision and working with the party planner or other folks who make it happen.

However, most often the groom that I work with has established a strong sense of personal identity and spiritual perspective. He knows who he is as an individual and as a partner. And though he may not have been dreaming of this day since childhood in quite the same way as has his beloved, it’s important to him that the language, style and meaning authentically reflect his deeply held values.

One final thought about the importance of personal meaning in wedding events. I love weddings! That’s why I’ve chosen to do them. I feel honored to serve you and look forward to helping you create your sacred and special event. I want to help you make your “dream day” a reality, exactly as you envision it.

Thank You for visiting my Weddings Page. I look forward to talking with you about your wedding! (540) 577-8854 Kanta

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