This is a sampling of recommendations from colleagues & program directors, workshop participants and coaching & guided meditation clients. For client comments, scroll down.

Icon Art Exhibits/ Meeting Your Inner Mentor Talks and Workshops

I would like to recommend Kanta Bosniak as a presenter at your organization.  Kanta presented at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown on July 21, 2013 during our Sunday Celebration.  She offered a presentation on “Meeting Your Inner Mentor.”   Her presentation involved utilizing fun, exciting visuals which included finding your inner archetypes through a guided meditation.   The outcome of her presentation was a state of joyous spiritual connection that supported the participants in their self- discovery.

If you are looking for the following:

·         Someone to inspire and bring your audience to a deeper level of inspiration and exaltation

·         Someone who uses the medium of art to bring forth the truest essence and the holy..

·         Someone who has the unique ability to move one from the ordinary to extra-ordinary

·         Someone who can help facilitate an inner awareness of your own inner guidance.

Then, Kanta Bosniak is your person!  She is a creative, knowledgeable, inspirational speaker.  Her art alone will decorate your space and bring forth color and vibrancy to all!

-Gary Schoenberg
Council President
Pebble Hill Church
Doylestown, PA

[in conjunction with the ICONS by Kanta Bosniak art exhibit at Kutztown University]
My Industrial/Organizational class attended a talk by Kanta. We are in the middle of discussing theories of motivation and leadership. Much of what Kanta discussed had clear connections with the various theories that we have been and will be discussing. My students indicated that they enjoyed the presentation, and I was happy to provide them with a new viewpoint of things that we have been discussing in class.
-Michele C. Baranczyk, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Psychology Dept.
Kutztown University

“It was very pleasurable meeting like-minded individuals and sharing our interests in spirituality and the people/mentors that inspire us. The guided meditation was one of my favorite component of the whole experience. Kanta’s guided meditations are wonderful ! It also helped having icon images to draw inspiration from before we relaxed into meditative position. It made for a very smooth transition and provided ease into that mental space. I had a great time and found that for the next few days, I was still having residual benefits and insights. I hope to do it again real soon! Thank you Kanta!”
-Jackie Boswell-Walker

“Thank you for sharing your art exhibit Mentors of the Peace at The Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention at Virginia Tech and for presenting the Meeting Your Inner Mentors workshop. We enjoyed hosting the vibrant and colorful paintings as well as your afternoon event. I love how you were able to foster an atmosphere of trust and safety in a way that honored each participant’s individual process and yet stayed focused and right on track. The hands-on activities of engaging with images, group sharing and creative journaling provided an effective and enjoyable experience for participants.”
-Amy Splitt, Grant Coordinator and Office Manager at Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies & Violence Prevention

Abundance Triggers

I have been a member of Unity Church of San Antonio for many years and play drums with the music team on Sundays and special occasions. The reason I tell you of the drums is because I never watch the message. Their back is to me; I only listen. I have also been an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous for many years. During this time I have heard many guest ministers and a great many speakers from all over America and the world in AA. Every once in a great while a speaker takes the podium and electricity fills the air, a clear and centered voice fills the room, and bliss fills in the spaces of the Universe. This was the occasion on Sunday November 27, 2011, when Kanta Bosniak was the guest Minister at UCSA.

Kanta’s message “Shifting Yourself into Prosperity Consciousness Instantly!” was electrifying, clear and joyful. Her ability to intertwine a personal narrative and spiritual understanding is nothing short of amazing. Kanta’s peaceful spirit filled our sanctuary in such a way that I can only remember feeling on a few occasions in my lifetime. I was fortunate enough to spend a few minutes talking with Kanta between services, and then I heard her message for the second time that day. A true blessing!

Speakers of the truth pass through our lives but on a few occasions. Should the occasion arise in your lifetime to hear the messages of Kanta Bosniak take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t pass on the truth, don’t pass on prosperity, and don’t pass on abundance in your life. Kanta is all of this and much much more.
-Bert Campbell, Music Ministry Team member, Unity Church of San Antonio

Of the many methods that teach us how to claim our goodness and love ourselves, Kanta Bosniak’s Abundance Triggers is a practical, easy-to-follow guide for embedding our personal triggers in our consciousness.  Kanta recently spoke at our church and led a workshop in which we identified some of our internal triggers. The book continues by teaching us how, with consistent, easy-to-follow steps, to instantly give ourselves the approval and love that opens us to our abundance. I am rewarded because of her insight and skill in guiding me into my own insight.

Joyce Schones
Communications Director
Unity Church of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

Dear Kanta,

Thank you so much for being with us and opening our eyes to Triggering our Divine Abundance! To shift our consciousness, and know All Is Well. Loved “playing in the workshop”!  Building our Tool Box! I have thought about this all week, and have used the Tapping Technique! Can feel the Energy! Thank you for that!

Until we meet again~


Love and Light

Dixie Edinger and the Board of Trustees
Unity Church North Houston

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend Rev. Kanta Bosniak as a highly trained spiritual speaker.  She was in my Unity Church in Gainesville , Fl. And was absolutely enchanting.  Her message was well delivered and quite moving. She is an artist, an author, and does weddings.  She is one beautiful and talented woman.  Whom ever has the opportunity to use Kanta in the many capacities she serves will be very pleased and blessed.


Shirley Higgins
Unity of Gainesville Bookstore Manager

We were delighted to host Kanta Bosniak’s “Abundance Triggers” workshop at our spiritual center recently. We had an excellent turnout –aided, I think, by the fact that Kanta shared information about it in the morning service which such a sense of Spirit-based knowledge that people were intrigued and wanted to know more.

I personally attended the workshop. Wow! I found it informative, interactive, and interesting. Kanta has an excellent presenting style that includes techniques the participants can use right away to manifest what they would like to see in their lives.We received very positive feedback from the attendees. In fact, I was recently at a birthday celebration for one of our Unity Athens folks. Although Kanta presented her workshop weeks earlier, people were still all a-buzz about it. “Wasn’t it great the way she used the big bag of toys to help us remember our essence?” one person said. “I loved the meditation she led us on; I went so deep and in a really transforming place,” said another. Then a person added, “I’m remembering to wear symbols of my power animal since the workshop.”I imagine folks will still be talking about it for months to come — it was that intriguing, insightful, and powerful.

Not only was she great to be around, but she really knows her stuff. The participants will find her workshop immensely rewarding. I highly  recommend Kanta and her workshops.

Rev. Bronte Colbert, Unity Center for Spiritual Growth, Athens, Georgia

I recommend you most highly to Unity Churches and Centers of Spiritual Living in search of a dynamic, articulate and entertaining Guest Minister as well as talented and engaging workshop presenter. Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentations and presence at Spirit of Unity Church. The congregation was delighted, as was I. I have heard great feedback. It’s been a few years since your wonderful Sacred Space workshop for my congregation, when you delighted us and inspired us to create personal sanctuaries. Please know that your impact was felt then, and now. You share deeply and generously of your wisdom and creativity and I know that God will bless you abundantly for your open heart. We hope you will come back soon.

With Deepest Gratitude, Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Minister, Spirit of Unity Church

Dear Kanta,

Thank you very much for the interesting, informative and  inspiring sermon you presented at our church on Sunday.  I know  several of our members thanked you in person after the service and several more  told me during coffee hour that they really enjoyed and profited from your  message on “Abundance Triggers.” I hope that we will be able to have you as a guest speaker again in  the near future during this time of our transition  between located ministers.  Keep up the good work you are doing  with your speaking engagements and your writing.Peace & blessings,

Dick Hawkins
Worship Associate
UU Church of Roanoke

Hi Kanta,
Just wanted to thank you so much for the “Abundance Triggers” workshop. It was amazing! It was so wonderful being guided on an inner journey which connected us to our true nature. Through our” abundance triggers,” we are now able to access that sacred space at any time. What a beautiful way to build inner resilience. I loved your warm, radiant energy and playful teaching style. You are a light. Again, our deepest gratitude.
Namaste, Ivi and Becky, In Balance Yoga Retreats

Dear Kanta,

We really appreciate the valuable sharing of your time and being willing to present to the Emerging Therapies group. The students really enjoyed your presentation. Clearly, the students loved your teaching. You really enhanced the class and connected with the students individually. I hope you can find the time in your busy work to share your expertise again with the students in the future. Thanks once again for coming to share with the students. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer.


Gini Weisz PhDc, MS, WHNP
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Radford University

The experience was inspiring…I highly recommend the workshop.”
-Joan Compton, Board of Trustees, Unity in Greensboro
April 25, 2011

Dear Kanta,

Your presentation at the Fifth Annual Palliative Care Conference on meeting caregiver needs was fun, informative and so well received!  Thank you so much for working with the Palliative Care Palliative Care Partnership on this conference.  Developing a conference for the community, rather than health care providers, was definitely a new experience for the Partnership and I think it was the perfect thing to do for a Fifth Annual event.  The evaluations of the conference were very positive and we have heard many appreciative comments since.  In general, people valued all they learned that day. It was great to have you with us!  Again, many thanks!


Karolyn W. Givens, Conference Coordinator

The altar Kanta created with the participants was beautiful and the group sharing of things to release and things to manifest was a powerful experience…I recommend [this workshop] to any Unity Church or other group that is seeking to explore creativity as it relates to Spirit (as indeed all creativity does) or to deepen the connection with the Divine in the daily life of its members.

-Barbara Pollack, Events Coordinator, Crystal Coast Unity

Please let this letter serve as the highest of professional recommendations for Kanta Bosniak. I met Kanta this past May, when she was Artist-in-Residence at Omega Institute and teaching staff development workshops in painting and altarmaking…Kanta is a artist who brings a great deal of spirituality to her work. Her gifts as a teacher lie in her ability to draw people’s artistic abilities out and to the forefront. She created a safe, fun and upbeat atmosphere, which made us all comfortable enough to allow our expressions to flow. Her passion, ebullience and support were enough to turn people like myself who have never painted before into artists whose works are on display throughout the campus. Any holistic education center or individual interested in self emergence through art will benefit from an association with Kanta Bosniak.

-Mwezi Mtoto

Kanta was able to share her knowledge in such an articulate and passionate manner that it awakened and inspired others in their process of personal growth… She was able though her leadership and member participation to awaken others to their own “inner artist” and spiritual growth. Her passion and joy for her work yet her ability to remain grounded and extend others the invitation to reach inward for their own expression of creativity is truly a remarkable skill and a gift not only to those in a small group but to the larger community. There are many people who inspire us. Kanta is the embodiment of inspiration.”

-Elaine DeLise, Wilmington, NC

If art is the soul of life, then Kanta is a beautiful rainbow. This became even more evident to me during the altar making workshop led by Kanta the day after her show opened at Urban Artware…The altarmaking workshop through its magical blending of art, spirituality, and connection with others helped me refocus and get back on track…

…As I write this I am fully aware that there is no way I can possibly express in words what knowing Kanta and experiencing one of her workshops has done (and continues to do) for me. Kanta is a Peaceful Warrior. Daily she fights the good fight to inspire, transform and support the ever-widening circle of people that come into contact with her. I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to experience at least some of Kanta, whether it is one of her paintings, fiber art, or something as huge as one of her workshops. It will change your life.

-Millicent Greason,
Owner of Urban Artware, Gallery of Contemporary American Art and Fine Crafts, Co-Founder of the SEED Collective, non-profit gallery and community center, Vice President of the Downtown Arts District Association, Winston-Salem, NC

Dear Kanta – Thanks you so much for traveling all the way to the Healing Through Creativity Festival in Roanoke, Virginia and sharing your book on surviving with us. We appreciated the care that we know went into preparing the workshops on journaling and stress reduction. Words alone are not enough to express what a difference you made to those at the Festival, those who follow the Festival on-line and even those who only know that the Festival happened.

Thanks so much!!!!

George Robertson, Founder and Director
Healing Through Creativity
Bluefield, VA

Kanta presented ‘Practical Sacred Space” staff development workshops in altarmaking and visionary art as Artist-in-Residence at Omega this May. Participants expressed delight at her enthusiasm and loving presence. Kanta encouraged any first-time artists and engaged new and more experienced students with a sense of playful enjoyment. She established excellent rapport with participants and demonstrated outstanding skill, talent, leadership, and knowledge of her field. Likewise, Kana was consistently proactive and thorough in organizing logistics for her workshops, and she demonstrated great flexibility and responsiveness in all matters as they arose. We were very pleased to have Kanta as part of our Omega community and hope she will join us again next season.

-Cheryl Berkowitz, Staff Programs Coordinator, Omega Institute

This letter is a professional endorsement of Kanta Bosniak’s work. Her “Visionary Art” and “Sacred Space” workshops were presented to women in my area recently. As a chiropractor with 17 years’ experience in working with individuals who have varied spiritual and health needs, I found her ability to articulate with precision her concepts to be unsurpassed. This quality is wonderfully married to her skillful means of creating a nurturing and non intimidating space where people of widely different artistic as well as personal backgrounds are able to safely explore their “growing edge.”

Kanta exhibits a refined ability to respond within the moment the needs of the group as well as to the needs of the individual. Her work has broad applications such as corporate team-building, interfaith understanding and personal growth…I recommend Kanta with great enthusiasm to any individual or group interested in facilitating the process whereby the human spirit is consciously and joyfully integrated into daily living.

-Dr. Gina Alexander, Center for Vital Health, Shallotte, NC

What an inspiration! Kanta Bosniak visited our spiritual interfaith community for a weekend and as well as being an extraordinary installation artist of sacred altars, personal and public, we were captivated by her powerful story, the impact of her work and her knowledge in the realm of “Returning to the Sacred.”

Her message is so timely, not only for our own lives , but for the collective life of the planet as well. We were so impressed with her passion for her subject, her effective leadership and how she held the interest of a large audience.

We wish her well in this important work of awakening others to the new paradigm of the Sacred!

-Gary Culp, Pastor, Pebble Hill Church Doylestown, PA

Dear Kanta – Thank you so much for your wonderful program on November 13, and donation of your book for our library. Our participants enjoyed it very much, and it was such a treat for me to participate instead of lead- it was a lovely learning experience. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, and will look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future.


Sandra Bernstein, MSN, RN, CS, LMFT
Program Coordinator
The Wellness Community at the Anne McCouch Center Lansdale, PA

It was a pleasure having you speak at the April 2009 meeting for the Reading Hospital Weight Management Support Group members. We received positive feedback from our group members on your stress relieving techniques, and your approach. Again, we truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to our group about stress relief. It was a pleasure.

Thank You.

Malissa Sullivan, R.N., CBN
Bariatric Coordinator
The Reading Hospital Weight Management Center

I have known Kanta for over 6 years. I hired her to present to nurse managers at a Community Hospital where I was CNO. She gave an outstanding presentation on guided imagery that was well received and then was requested by others. ( I was unable to follow through as I left that hospital.) The presentation was quite interactive and Kanta provided exhibits to enhance the program. I highly recommend her for any work that she pursues.

– Martie Byrum, Director of Patient Care, New River Valley office at Good Samarian Hospice, Christiansburg, VA

Our competitive team and their parents really appreciated the presentation of mental coaching for optimum performance. The girls learned techniques that will definitely help them…our highest level gymnast used your “in your circle” drill to execute a difficult dismount off bars that she hadn’t done since the summer.”

-Cheryl Risk, Head Coach, Virginia Techniques Gymnastics

I would sincerely like to thank you for allowing my classes the opportunity to benefit from your teaching. As they reach for their goals of self-improvement, the lesson you taught them will help them find anchors of success…I am a strong believer in the power of the skills that you teach. Your coaching will undoubtedly elevate the performance of any individual that utilizes your service.

-Derek S. Smith, American Martial Arts Center

You were the spark of inspiration and motivation that has given the kids the foundation they needed…your insight creativity and sense of purpose in the workshop you created for us was right on the mark and we were impressed with what you brought to the table. You took a very tight timeline and created a plan that had impact, worked and was fun…We would highly recommend that other organizations get in touch with you and work with you because of what you provide to people of all ages….We acknowledge who you are in the world making a difference in so many ways.

-Jeff Clapp, Where Art Lives Project Coordinator Red Bank, NJ
Dear Rev. Bosniak,

I’d like to thank you again for the hypnotherapy sessions that you facilitated at Reading Area Community College. You made it so easy for us to find the times and dates that would work for everyone. I really appreciated your guidance in how to maximize the success of the program.

As you are aware, our students are part of a chapter of Colleges Against Cancer with the American Cancer Society. It was imperative that we brought in someone who could help our students and staff to quit smoking or lose weight. By offering both sessions three times within a week, your time spent with us was wonderful!!

I have had nothing but positive feedback from the participants. Since I personally participated in the quit smoking sessions, I am happy to say that I have not smoked a cigarette since you left our campus. I tried to quit at least six or seven times and feel confident this time that I can stay smoke free. The strategies that you offered to continue with the success are already helping me!!

I would love to bring you back on campus during the fall semester or even sooner (we had several students who heard about the program too late who are very interested). I would highly recommend your services to all the colleges in the area as well as any business that would like to offer help to their employees with such vital health issues. Thank you again!

Sue Gelsinger
Student Activities Coordinator

Academic Achievement/Stress Reduction


Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our chapter this past Sunday! It was such a great way to start our week off and an amazing time to de-stress as we gear up for finals! Thank you again for a great event!


The Sisters of Zeta Tau Apha
Virginia Tech

Soul Mate Workshops

“My experience with Kanta’s workshop was life changing. Almost exactly three weeks after participating in her Soul Mate workshop, I met my soul mate. I was skeptical of the idea of the workshop, but with Kanta’s guidance, I quickly learned how to adjust my outlook and spiritually attract my true life-partner. I am still truly amazed by my experience and I can’t thank Kanta enough for pointing me in the best direction.”

“Thanks so much…I had a wonderful time [at the Attracting Your Soul Mate workshop] and it changed my entire thought process about many things. I am still working through what I’ve learned and I’m sharing and working it out with others. I appreciate how you shared your experience with us and I can’t wait to have a story of my own!”

“Becoming Who You Really Are: Your Soul’s Call to Change,” Guest Minister Talk & Meditation and “Becoming Who You Really Are: Creative Journaling Workshop”

“Kanta’s workshop came at the right time for me having recently experienced the unexpected loss of my mother. Her presentation and excercises allowed me much needed time with my heart. I now know that I am on the right path as a result of the visualizations, creative writings and meditiations this workshop offered. Kanta enforces core beliefs which we all should behold as truth.” -LC Moodus, CT

“I loved your service! I especially loved the visualization- very powerful! You are wonderful! I really hope to have the chance to see you again.” -A.D.
“Great sermon and workshop this weekend. So glad to see you again! ”  -D.E.

“Kanta’s sermon and meditation at Unity of Roanoke was exactly what I needed for that moment and day. I felt peaceful and refreshed! Kanta’s voice and message reassured me that all is well. ” -A.J.


Fitness is important for Marines! Here is a sampling of comments participants at a weight management workshop for
US Marines at Camp LeJeune, Midway Park Center:

“The session was very informative and relaxing. I would recommend this to all. Thank you for coming here! I am going home with a very positive outlook.”

“I really want to thank you for being here today for the session and the information handout. The assistance you provided will help us.”

“That felt good! Thanks so much. Let me know when you are coming back, so I can tell all my friends. ”

Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Beauty is the essence of soul. Kanta’s altars speak deeply. Her workshop inspires our own connection to this deep source.”
– ARE participant [and private practice therapist]

“Wonderful creative experience with lots of ideas and insights. I especially liked the small group sharing of goals, desires and support.” -ARE participant

“This was a very unusual and creative presentation.” – ARE participant

In 28 years of workshops at the ARE, I have never seen one that was better presented or better received.” -ARE staff member


“Thank you for such a delightful experience!”

“My little pouch is filled!”

“Kanta, thank you for being the God-conscious woman that you are. Your ministry has been used by God to bring deeper inner peace to me personally.”

“What a wonderful program, taking our spiritual awareness to a new level. What joy and love!”

“A beautiful offering. I loved everything we did.”

“Wonderful exercise. I loved the playing!”

“I can’t get enough. The entire joy of making and appreciating art in all its forms for the rest of my life has been inspired by you. Your guided visualizations have made me want to know and learn more.”-Omega participant”

“Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for awakening my creativity.”- Omega participant

“Thank you for enabling me to express my artistic creativity. Some people come into our lives, leave footprints in our heart, and we are never, ever the same.” -Omega participant.

“Your sacred space has awakened a creative desire in me to express more than my usual light. I have been inspired by your very personal creativity, which brings a tribal, nurturing femininity to one corner of an unhealed world. Thank you for sharing your vision, your wisdom and your insights.”-Omega participant.

Coaching & Guided Imagery Clients

“I am so very blessed to have met you and have the privilege to experience working with you. What a joy you are, and a rare gem indeed. Having lost 2.5 dress sizes, I look forward to a very bright future of love and joy. Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without your help!”

“I am continuing with my healthy nutrition choices, and have dropped two more pounds for a total of 22 since October 9 !!! It’s so easy !!! I was thrilled to be away for 8 days and not gain…even had a few meals out and a (homemade) cookie or two at my Uncle’s.”

“Dearest Kanta, Words cannot express my gratitude for you. You have helped me change my life’s journey for the better. Thank you so very much.”

“I went shopping for clothes over the weekend. I tried on some clothes I liked and I looked good in them. I have new options now. I feel like it’s such an achievement!”

“Thank you, Kanta. I would have never gotten to this place [doctorate & new job] without you.”

“Thank you for our sessions together… they were timely and right on! Working with you seemed like being with an old friend – we connected right away and I felt so empowered. The post-session assignments you suggested were a breeze. The results so far… my short-term goal was reached in June by being able to get into an outfit that has been in my closet for 2 years. I was finally able to wear a ring that my husband gave me for our 20th anniversary – it’s still snug but I got it on my finger! I’m still a work in progress and seeing that additional sessions will be beneficial for continuing support. Looking forward to talking to you again soon!”

“Love and Hugs dear Kanta! You are the absolute best!! What a joy you are to know, and especially to have as a personal coach! Ah, if everyone were as lucky as me. I thank my lucky stars for having found you. I have lost 35 pounds and I feel strong and beautiful!”

“My sessions in your big chair in the Blacksburg office were very good. I was very pleased with the results I achieved when I was working with you. Not only did I lose weight almost effortlessly, but I felt so much more relaxed following our sessions. Very important with a busy job and two children. I felt like my kids were getting a benefit too-a healthier and more relaxed mom.”

“Just a note to thank you for the wonderful success we have had together. I am blessed to tell you that I’m wearing pants from my closet that have not seen the light of day for two years!! They even have some room in them! I am so pleased and happy about this milestone. I also pulled a shirt out not worn for a long time and it fits…what a wonderful experience.”

“My ‘new look’ has been noticed and complimented, which feels GREAT. I find it is not a problem to stick with my eating preferences, and still enjoy a few “extra” things. Also it’s interesting to notice that what is normal for me, leaves me sitting there chewing on my first helping while others have long since polished off seconds!”

“Twenty pounds made a big difference to me, being only five foot nothing! The best part about losing this way is it is absolutely effortless! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will always be in my heart.”

“I was amazed to discover that I didn’t want cheesecake, even after I made some for my family. I took two bites and pushed it away. I just had no desire for it!”

“I am now running three miles on my treadmill and I have lost 14 pounds.”

“I’m BACK!”

“Weight loss is still holding steady even after a wild wedding, a week of traveling and welcome home parties. Thank you so much for everything. You are the greatest. I haven’t stuffed myself since coming to see you…I even fit into a size 4 skirt the other day!”

“I know I can eat anything I want to. I just don’t want to!”

“I think of you often I am still slim at 118 pounds!”

“Kanta, thanks for making this [slim] picture possible!”

“I feel completely satisfied with much less food now.”

“I amazed at how effective this is. Let me tell you what happened this weekend. I drove to my usual restaurant and pulled into the parking lot. And then, I didn’t go in. I just didn’t want to….so, I drove away. Like I said, I am amazed.”

“I smoked for 40 years. I was amazed at how easy it was.”

“Thank you for helping me to become a non-smoker. I’m going to refer my patients to you. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

After twenty years of a two-pack-a-day habit, I am happy to be finally free of it. Thanks.”

“When I see a group at work smoking, I just find something else to do. I am happy to be a non-smoker now.”

“Kanta is very knowledgeable and intuitive in working with others. I had a very positive experience working with her and look forward to continuing our sessions sometime in the near future.”

“Kanta is truly a gem in her field. She accepted the challenge to work with me to release my creativity and to explore personal archetypes, bringing a level of professionalism and personal caring that I could only have imagined would be possible. I chose to work with Kanta once a week for over two years and have a thriving new business as a therapeutic massage therapist as the result.This is significant in that I was 55 when I decided to retrain and to establish “One Crane Rising”, my massage practice. With Kanta’s brilliant guidance, I found depth in my own experience and the real possibility of my ideas. She has a great range of knowledge, training, and experience. And she is completely committed to her clients. I truly loved working with Kanta.”

– Hakuin Rose

“I got the job I wanted at a salary that works for me…and it will go up in six months, as a bonus! Thank you so much.”


“Having Kanta as a guide on my spiritual journey has been so fulfilling. Her compassion and intuition have been integral in the emergence of my spiritual being.”


“I really enjoyed our sessions and just getting to know you better. You are a beautiful person and quite a woman to look up to. You have met and overcome so many challenges and you are still so positive and encouraging. I hope that I can be that way for others too!”


“I want you to know I am getting so much out of our work together. You are an excellent teacher and spiritual coach. You have uncanny way of knowing what needs to be addressed in each session. Do you meditate on this?”


“You really have a magical way about you. Your gift is truly a blessing and I sincerely thank you for sharing it with me.”


“I benefited greatly from our work together. And now, I feel comfortable with “trusting the process,” while paying attention along the way! Meeting you had a great effect on me. The positive energy you shared with me has helped me to grow into myself, and as a result, I am able to share more positive energy with the universe. I am calm as I seek the path that will take me to the place where I will resonate with the universe most strongly.”


“I continue to grow and heal and discover my passions. I am lucky to have met such a fine teacher.”


“Thank you so much for your gentle spiritual guidance these last few months. I have learned several ways to help be fully present and I have thought about ways to continue to grow in love… these are the moments that have made me a stronger person already and hope to continue on this path. Thank you again. You are AWESOME-have to say! ”


“You have given me a great gift…I’ve opened up in my art and new forms are coming through-one that I thought of during the weekend [I began working with you].”


“The techniques I have learned to access my creativity and relax myself have been very helpful to my work and continued success and the Guided Meditations have been very pleasant and relaxing. I recommend you to anyone and everyone.”


[on the back of a Ph.D. graduate announcement postcard] “5 years later and I can only think that I never would have gotten there without you. Thank you for giving me so much clarity at the start & inspiring me to keep following that inner compass.”


“…Kanta wanted to make sure my doctor was comfortable with our working together, which she is. She made it clear that she would not be counseling or practicing psychotherapy or medicine, that her role would be as a hypnotist, meditation teacher and minister. She clearly expressed that hypnosis was not a replacement for medical care, but a spiritually based complement. As this was what I wanted, I was happy to work with her….

…I found I was able to relax well during our time together and found her positive images and affirmations helpful tools for learning to redirect my focus. During each session I was given at least two possible exercises to try at home to help me relax and find comfort at will, all of which were useful…

…I am very happy to tell you that my expectations for any comfort resulting from the exercises and hypnosis sessions Kanta provided were far exceeded. I was able to start back to work (after three months of not being able to)…Kanta is an excellent teacher, a wonderful listener and a creative spiritual educator. She was totally professional in her conduct with me. She clearly stated her boundaries and expectations, kept her appointments, maintained confidentiality of her other clients, and was straightforward about being a spiritual, not a medical approach. Her teaching was affordable and certainly worthwhile in a very lasting way.”

Thank you for all your help. You were an answer to my prayers…not only a sports performance hypnotist, but a spiritual one at that!

“I am writing in appreciation of the coaching and Guided Meditation. I found the techniques you taught me to be useful and beneficial in my daily life and I appreciate that you were respectful of my [Native American Spirituality] path. Thanks again!”


“Anyone who is serious about self-awareness and improvement would benefit tremendously from this highly professional, gifted individual.”


“It’s always fun [my sessions], and I always get so much out of it!”


“I am a former history teacher who has taken time off to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. It’s been a year now since my first session with Kanta…focused on moving forward [into my career]. Since then I have worked on three documentaries, co-produced one and have had HBO interested in funding a future project. Kanta’s commitment to hypnosis combined with her gentleness is unparalled. We are blessed to have her in this world.”


“I enjoyed your encouraging, affirming approach in helping me grow and explore new dimensions of my spirit.”


“I have received an offer to publish my novel. Thanks for helping me to achieve this next step.”


“I appreciated the visualization for my audition. I got the part and I hope you come see the play!”


“I just wanted to share my happiness with you. I won a prize in photography.”


“As time goes on, the sessions continue to help me feel a unity with my Spirit and expressing creativity. This has aided my work as an actress. I am able to focus on my work more clearly, listen more generously and be in the world of the play. I feel very confident in my acting technique now.”


“My Prosperity sessions were exceedingly successful… At one point, I felt a physical change take place and felt an absolute assurance prosperity was coming…Within two weeks, I got the job of my dreams. I recommend this highly for anyone interested in conscious creation of their own success.”


“In the three weeks or so since the sessions I have experienced new openings I know are attributable to the sessions. I am moving forward rapidly on a film project with a scheduled trip to Oregon in November. …I’ve had an unexpected source of income pop up that will jumpstart the project, and I’ve been contacted by a writer for a national publication.”


“[Kanta] is uniquely qualified to work with artists because she is herself a gifted painter, writer and craftsperson…I know my best images and ideas emerge from a deep, only partially conscious place, and this place Kanta knows well. Anything can happen here. Magical beings can become your allies…the energetic presence of the muse is real and she knows how to invoke it….I’ve been able to take my work to a new level…confident…realigning the importance of delivering my vision to the world.”


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