Coaching and Guided Meditation

Due to my writing and event schedule, I no longer do coaching and guided imagery with individual clients.

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My interest in meditative states began as a young child and I began formal study of meditation at nineteen. By the age of twenty, I was teaching meditation classes and facilitating guided meditation. I have continued to facilitate guided imagery in various contexts throughout my life as a meditation teacher, workshop presenter, minister, coach, Transpersonal (spiritually-based) hypnotist, and specialized trainer of hypnosis professionals at national conferences. Though I’ve temporarily suspended the personal coaching aspect of my work in order to focus on writing, I’m still available as a guest speaker.

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Spiritual Coaching, Guided Meditation, and Energy Work  are educational and spiritual. We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure. We do not do counseling nor psychotherapy. Spiritual Coaching, Guided Meditation, and Energy Work are not intended as a replacement for traditional medical treatment or counseling. If you have medical or psychological concerns, please consult a physician or counselor.

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