My Devotional Thoughts”: 1st Stop on the “Abundance Triggers” Blog Tour

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“Abundance Triggers” Blog Tour, first stop, “My Devotional Thoughts”

Excerpt from “Abundance Triggers”:


We hear so much about the importance of thinking positive thoughts. Quantum physicists tell us thought creates our reality, as shamans, medicine men, wise women and priests have done for millennia.

OK, we get it. Our bodies respond to chronic emotions by creating chemicals that further habituate these emotions. We form grooves that are hard to jump, and yet jump we must, if we want to begin the task of habituating ourselves to happiness.

But how do we do this? How do we awaken from of the numbness of dulled-down existence to even notice our thoughts, much less direct them? And as we reclaim consciousness, how do we change our living dream experience from semi-nightmare to fully engaged adventure?

There must be tools. And so, there are. My name for them is “abundance triggers.” I have made a lifetime study of how to shift thoughts and the emotions they produce to that good feeling which boosts energy and attracts wonderful experiences.

Abundance triggers serve to remind you who you really are…like a cosmic string tied around your finger. They remind you that you’re loved and they evoke love within you, like pictures of your parent, child or sweetheart. They can take you within, like trance music, or pump you up to clean house, get out the door, and down the road to do the things that are yours to do. They can help you stay on track to do those things.

Of course, it is not them trigger itself that has power to create abundance for you. The trigger is not the worldly abundance you seek, nor is it the state of wholeness and love that you seek on a deeper level.

It’s a reminder that you use to snap yourself out of the unpleasant trance of lack and shift yourself into a more resourceful trance: The Alpha State. That state of joy that athletes, creatives, lovers, and meditators know so well. And so do you, in flashes, moments, in peak experiences and periods of relative peace.

Perhaps you’d like to stretch those moments into how your life simply IS? To let that pleasure expand so that you stay grounded, confident, motivated, willing to receive and enjoy your good? So that you create a new “default state,” habituating yourself to happiness?

You have that power.

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