The Art of the ZOOM

For a wonderful couple on their special day!

For a recent wedding, the couple chose this one of my six art certificates and this art print, a graphic design I did of a favorite Rumi quote.


I really appreciate this sweet review from a wonderful couple!
“Kanta is a rare soul. You must work with her!”

“We reached out to Kanta during Covid-19, and we were not disappointed! She replied within two hours after sending the first contact email. Kanta Bosniak is an amazing person who puts her entire heart into the whole process.

When we first reached out, we had no idea what we wanted for our wedding. We had no set date, no time, or even a location, but that wasn’t a problem for her! She was dedicated to working with us to make our day magical. We were able to get married a few weeks after initial contact. The ceremony was spectacular! Her words during the ceremony were beautifully written to the point of tears.

Our Zoom wedding couldn’t have been more perfect, and it is all thanks to our amazing officiant. She’ll take your hands and guide you to the next chapter in life with compassion and laughter.

Every engaged couple in the area MUST reach out to Kanta Bosniak. You will regret NOT calling her asap. You just have to have her for your wedding and experience the love, the magic, and the rare soul that is Kanta Bosniak.
-The Cookie dough lovers 2020

ZOOM Weddings in Virginia!

I will forever appreciate the adaptability and determination of the wedding client who asked me if I was open to do an alternate ceremony to the one we had planned. She and her partner wanted to keep the same date and time, but the venue was no longer an option. It was closed because of the pandemic. And even if it were to open before the wedding, the couple was concerned for the safety and well-being of their guests. She introduced me to ZOOM.

So, the wedding was able to go on as scheduled, I learned a new tool, and was able to offer virtual weddings to other couples. The road may have twists and turns, but there’s always a way forward!

If you and your beloved would like to do a ZOOM wedding. I invite you to contact me. Let’s talk about creating a unique and fun ceremony to celebrate your love and set aside a date and time for your nuptials.

Looking forward to talking with you,

Rev. Kanta Bosniak
(540) 577-8854

ZOOM Wedding: Creative Solution for Coronavirus Nuptials

For couples facing planning or having to change plans in midstream, the ZOOM wedding, a teleconference ceremony, which connects couple, guests, and officiant via videochat is a great solution.

I offer highly personalized ZOOM ceremonies for couples anywhere in Virginia. The same level of customization I offer every couple for every wedding. The ceremony is the heart of any wedding, so it’s always been my commitment to couples to co-create ceremonies that are unique and meaningful. With a ZOOM wedding, this is even more important, because the ceremony IS the wedding.

To get a sense of how personal and unique my ceremonies are, I invite you to read the reviews on my weddings page as well as on WeddingWire, where I’ve won The Couples Choice Award for my custom officiant services. It has always been part of my committment to couples to be a reassuring presence, but I think this is especially important at this time of uncertainty and change. I’m hoping this helps couples know that they can count on me, relax, have fun, and enjoy their special day.

Many couples tell me they plan to have a party to celebrate the wedding after the virus is behind us all. But for now, they want to move forward with the wedding with a creative solution that is safe, practical, and affordable for them and their guests.

If you and your partner are ready to take your relationship to the next level and celebrate your love story with friends and family, let’s make it happen. I invite you to contact me to save your date and time. You can reach me at or (540) 577-8854

Looking forward to talking with you,


Rev. Kanta Bosniak

Safe, Affordable, Inclusive, and Socially Sensitive ZOOM Weddings

“To Everything There is a Season”

Many couples who planned to get married in traditional venues in 2020 or 2021 are now needing to rethink their options, for various reasons. Their venue of choice may have abruptly closed down, leaving them stranded, (and in some cases, with no refund).

Weddings should be a time of joy and inclusion. A time to bring together your community of love and friendship in a way that celebrates and honors your love and feels good for you and your guests.

But just as couples face changes navigating life in their relationship pre and post marriage, so many are now facing challenges in navigating the wedding process itself.

One or both members of the couple may have lost their jobs or business, due to the COVID-19 economic crash. Their friends and family, planned wedding guests and bridal party participants may have suffered financially to the point where travel, accomodations, formal attire, and all the expenses that go into participating in a wedding become a hardship, rather than a joy.

Travel to and attendance at a wedding, even after the state “opens up” may present a health risk to friends and family members and guests… All guests, but especially those with underlying conditions, who may be self-isolating until there is an approved safe and effective vaccine. At the moment, we are hearing 12 to 18 months is an optimistic minimum, and it may take 2 years or longer for development, clinical trials, and widespread availabilty of a vaccine.

Finally, aside from the health and financial concerns, couples who are sensitive to the current circumstances of losses of lives and economic well-being of so many may not feel that now is the time for a lavish, opulent wedding. Not that there’s anything wrong with big, splurgy celebrations, and please do not infer that I am of this opinion. I love all weddings and to each couple their own choices! However at a time when so many are losing or have lost loved ones, there is a change in climate that for some is prompting a sensitivity to tone.

Whether we are religious or spiritual/not religious, most of us can relate to the words, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” And most of us have heard the song, “Turn, Turn, Turn! (To Everything There is a Season),” adapted from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 by Pete Seeger in the late 1950s and recorded by him and many others (notably the Byrds, the Seekers, Judy Collins, Nina Simone, Dolly Parton, and Wilson Phillips).

In weddings, we affirm life, love, hope, the strength of our enduring bonds of the love of the couple and the support of their community, and Love itself, our Higher Power in whatever way we conceive and experience it.

This is even more important in times when couples, their immediate community, and the larger community all face a common challenge to rebuild, as we might in wartime. One way to affirm our connectedness with larger community at this time is to keep it simple, affordable, yet joyous and unique.

Book a unique and personalized ZOOM wedding ceremony ANY date of the year and from ANY county of Virginia to keep your friends and family safe, save them resources, and save yourselves the cost of venue, food, drink, floral design, service fee and taxes. In Commonwealth of Virginia, this means you can have a personal and meaningful wedding ceremony and save yourselves about $29,000, the average cost of a traditional venue wedding.

To save your date and time, you can reach me at or (540) 577-8854.

Looking forward to talking with you about your wedding,

Rev. Kanta Bosniak

COVID-19 Update: Stay safe with ZOOM!

COVID-19 Update: Stay safe with ZOOM!
The global pandemic COVID19 has brought innovation to my offerings, expanded the region I serve, and added the option of a highly affordable custom wedding ceremony. Keep your family and friends safe and stress-free and save money too.

Book a unique and personalized ZOOM wedding ceremony ANY date of the year and from ANY county of Virginia and save the cost of venue, food, drink, floral design, service fee and taxes. In Commonwealth of Virginia, this means you can have a personal and meaningful wedding ceremony and save yourselves about $29,000, the average cost of a traditional venue wedding. 

For in person weddingsbook your ceremony at a venue in my travel area (Roanoke and most of the New River Valley). In 2021, I am only available for in -person weddings that will take place in October. In 2022, my in-person wedding season begins April 1 and goes through October 31.

Retro 1920s Weddings

For the vast majority of weddings I officiate, I wear very plain wedding attire. However for couples who want a theme wedding, I’m happy to support their vision with tweaks to my traditional garb. Cowboy, Steampunk, Hippie, Hobbit, Hawaian…these are a few of the many theme weddings in which I’ve participated.

I recently took this smelfie for a project of the Perfume Society. They asked members to take a smelfie with their favorite fragrances. After looking at the photo, I realized it represents another popular retro style: The 1920s Flapper Era. So, if your taste and imagination run along those lines, and you want to do 20s Retro, please know this is an aesthetic I’ll be happy to match.

2nd Annual Floyd Bridal Show

The 2nd Annual Floyd Bridal Show is happening this Sunday, March 3rd at the Floyd Event Center, 188 Eco Village Trl SE, Floyd, Virginia 24091 from 12:00 to 4:00 P.M. it’s a great opportunity for brides to meet and consult with vendors. I invite you to stop by my table and chat with me about your special day. I’d love to work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams! Looking forward to seeing you. 🌸

Enigma Photograpy

A Heartfelt “Thank you!”

Thanks so much to my wedding clients! I loved working with you to create and officiate your wedding. And I so appreciate your lovely reviews. Congratulations on your first year of marriage and thanks so much for your support! 

More Wedding Perks: Bono

This print comes from a series of paintings I did of modern icons who inspire us to be our best selves. All my wedding clients can choose from a very wide selection of art prints or receive one of my books of love poems. They also get to choose their favorite 1 of 6 folk art marriage certificates I created for couples with whom I work.