YES! “Saying yes allows you to move forward” -Tina Fey

This weekend, I get to officiate my second Steampunk wedding. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I am so happy I said yes to the first one. Almost didn’t, because it was way out of my travel area, but the couple was so darn cool and something in my gut said, “Do it!,” so I did. It turned out to me one of the most creatively delicious and delightful experiences of my life… and it had a lasting beneficial effect. The little girl who had a costume box and put on summer variety shows in the boathouse came back out, and she came out to stay. It seems appropriate on Halloween to state the obvious: costumery is FUN! It lets us engage with humor, fantasy, archetypes, style, and whimsy.

I once listened to a New Dimensions Radio program about improv, The guest quoted comedy writer/actor Tina Fey, whose training was in improv. It’s all about a yes attitude to whatever an audience…or life throws you, Obviously, there are some things not to say yes to. But if you trust your gut, you’ll know what to sidestep and you’ll know when the yes calls you forward into yourself, beyond the previous boundaries of your limited “travel area.”

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