Yay for Bay! (And for the Artist in Us All)

Richard Bay, ED.D. Artist, Art Professor, Radford University

Richard Bay, ED.D. Artist, Art Professor, Radford University

Sitting here with my coffee, the first thing my eyes and hands went to was an art card artist, art prof, and friend Richard J. Bay gave me one time when we shared a serendipitous moment of happy conversation. He gave me two cards, actually, both hot like firecrackers with energy and joy and they sit on my desk, serving as “abundance triggers” or happy buttons.

His art, even compressed into wallet sized dimensions, expands heart and mind, ignites the creative spark within, and brings a smile to the lips. A potent and inspiring blend which is, to me, the highest thing to which artists can aspire. I’m sharing a bit of an article about him which appeared in Collegiate times, in which he talks about faith and art.

“I embrace all paths to God. I admire those who profess their faith on signs along the roads I travel. I honor them using their words – spelled correctly and incorrectly – and the truths they profess. There is no faith without hope … Hope is my ability to change and grow. Hope is sometimes found in past journeys and the lessons learned on those occasions. Faith and hope bring reality to bear. Reality is not being able to close your eyes and wondering what does this all mean? Reality is found in those simple occasions with profound consequences. Reality is what I have learned from my life and what others force upon me! The reality of my faith is again grounded in simple words from my mom, ‘Tell what’s in your heart, live that and you will find your peace!”

http://www.collegiatetimes.com/stories/11464/q-a-bay-shows-faith-through-artworkSee More

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