What I Learned From Dance Training

I have learned some of my most helpful lessons from dance training. From my earliest ballet classes in NYC at 5 years old, I learned that respect for the learner is important. if the teacher is cold, without affect, or humanity, I’m not interested. Made me a better learner and a better teacher to be aware of this. Respect must be in the equation.

From ballet classes as a young kid and young teen, I learned one-pointed focus. The way to keep yourself from losing your balance or becoming dizzy as you do spins across the floor is to pivot your head and keep your eyes on one specific spot with each turn.

When my life gets busy or I’m going through lots of change, I turn to the spiritual principles that what I know to be true from intuition, experience, and practical application. That’s my “spot.”

In my mid and later teen years, I wanted to explore another facet of dance and gave up my toe shoes in favor of bare feet fully connected to the floor. From modern dance, I learned to express my inner passion and energy. As the terribly shy person I was back then, this was not an easy or quick process. But I stuck with it, because I knew it was good or me and it was working. Getting right down to the real nitty gritty of expressive movement helped me find my fire. That and the music. I listened to Philadelphia R & B radio stations WHAT and WDAS, Brazilian jazz, Debussy, and Ravel. The music itself teaches us the rest of the way, where words cannot go.

“I hope you dance.”

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