Weight Loss for Women: A Heroine’s Journey into Love

c Kanta Bosniak

c Kanta Bosniak

It’s not just about the pounds. Certainly, a sensible diet and exercise are important. But what determines whether someone carries her wish into reality? What sticks with her as she makes her daily choices? What makes successful change possible, practical, and real?

Paradoxically, it’s about the imperceptibles that may not seem “real” but are at the heart of anything that is, in fact real. There is no real perfect size, “as seen on TV” or in the pages of Vogue. Whether they approve or disapprove, other people’s opinions a are not reality. It’s what we think about ourselves that determines our lives, our actions, and what is real for us.

Weight loss is about thought, imagination and the willingness to accept and celebrate Love. Finding the love inside, instead of in another bowl or plate of whatever. Weight loss is a spiritual journey. And it is in this realm that outcomes are determined. Every woman brings carries her own story, imagines her own own limits, desires her own liberation.

In our culture, all beings share Oneness. Call it the truth of who we are. Spiritual bliss. We also share a common misconception of wrongness, belief in separation and lack, insufficiency, and the definite lack of the bliss we all desire! Insufficiency-a feeling that “I am not enough” or “it is never enough” is a false belief that’s gotta go.

In weight loss coaching and guided imagery, I help my clients connect at a very deep level with the essential truth of the spiritual nature, their sufficiency, their beauty, their feminine power and strength, their highest motivations, their successful selves. I help them find the spiritual warrioress who perseveres and triumphs in creating a new way of engaging with the mystery of life and living in her own skin in a way that celebrates the beauty that shines from within.


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