“Use Your Emotional Content”

“Use your emotional content!” -Bruce Lee

I remember watching a Bruce Lee movie many years ago. There was a great line in it that stuck in my mind. As he is mentoring a student, Lee’s character says,” Use your emotional content.”

The fire in the belly, the strongest motivation, the deepest urge that is in alignment with your own essence and with your Source, at the same time. It is not anger. It IS passion. To heal, create, and live to your fullest potential, you must connect with it and use it for fuel.

The metaphor of “the opponent” – it isn’t the cancer, the money or love problems. It’s negative thinking.

“Bow” (acknowledge) negative mind, but don’t be seduced by its lies (“keep your eye on your opponent, even when you bow”).

And “look to the moon” (love). Divine Love within: the ultimate source and most powerful emotional content.

Thank you, Bruce! Great teaching is so often disguised as entertainment, and you were a master!


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