Unique in All the World

Just as every individual is unique, so is every couple. The two bring together their particular personalities and gifts, backgrounds, life experiences, hopes, and dreams… and found their shared life. So, it is only fitting that weddings reflect this.

In this wedding, we brought togther elements of Norse and Shinto spirituality. The result was magical.

Usually, I dress very plainly, as you can see in the photos on my Weddings Page. But for this beautiful wedding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we (bride/groom/minister) wore adornments created by the groom, who is an extremely talented jeweler. If you look closely, you will see that he is wearing a Thor’s hammer.

Whether your wedding will be an intimate elopement in a rustic locale or large elegant affair in a formal setting, I woud love to work with you to create the wedding ceremony as you envision it.

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