To Your Health: Raise a Mug of Dark Cocoa!

Kanta with cups and mugs

I have long recommended dark chocolate to my weight loss clients (in small amounts of course) because it’s so satisfying and is a good alternative to cake, candy or other sweets. We all know about the antioxidant factor. But there’s more! Below, you’ll find very specific and helpful info that I just read about this morning, thanks to a FB friend who posted it. Good info here, as well as links to more. Click the link at the end, following my cocoa recipe.

My extremely satisfying, filling, low calorie and lowfat go-to is a mug of cocoa made with:
dark chocolate powder- a heaping teaspoon
boiling water (fill mug to 2/3)
lowfat milk (fill the rest of the way)
a bit of stevia
a few shakes or organic cinnamon

image: Me with some of my paintings of cups and mugs. Acrylic on wood, collection of the Blackwater Loft, Floyd VA, Photo by Patricia Robin Woodruff

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