To Crunchy, Flavorful Life!

c Kanta Bosniak

Outsider or Contemporary Folk Artists paint from a different paradigm than Photorealist painters. They do not seek to make the image lifelike; they want to show life inside the subject. It’s like cooking. You know you could boil the vegetables until they’re gray and mushy. But instead you choose to take them off the stove at just the right time, when they still have some crunch in them.

Same thing goes with writing. You can write in a polished essay style. Or you can write the way people actually talk, sentence fragments and all. Call it crunchy writing. I choose to write my books in a conversational style because I want the reader to feel connected and relaxed, as if we were sitting together in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. May you find beauty in your authentic self and never seek to cover it over or overpolish it. And may your day be crunchy and delicious. ♥

painting -“Flower Petal” House Blessing Mandala at CUPS Coffee and Tea, Grandin Rd. Roanoke VA

Show runs through Sept
More art at the West Main Coffee Depot through Sept. Christiansburg VA
Ministerial Services, Spiritual Art and Mind/Body/Spirit books
House Blessing Mandalas, Wedding Couple Portraits, Wedding Readings
Spiritual Coaching and Guided Meditation

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