Things I Learned From Surviving Cancer

Things I Learned From Surviving Cancer

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy, after which my body became painfully stiff. This spring is my first since chemo that my body feels flexible again. I feel like I have been released from a kind of prison. Physically lighter and more energetic. I am gratefully closing a chapter and beginning a new one.

Here are some of the things I learned:

Forgive yourself every mistake you ever made. None of that matters now.

Life is precious. Enjoy every moment!

Losing your hair does not mean losing your beauty. Beauty comes from inside.

Style comes from inside too. It’s what happens when your creative mind expresses itself with your body and face as the canvas. Play!

Only do what is fun and/or productive.

Only spend time with people who love you, accept you, and make you laugh.

Eat healthy food.

Get plenty of rest, fresh air and sunshine.

Never take cr** from anyone, including yourself.

The Healing Power of Chocolate cannot be denied.

Shoes should be sexy AND comfortable.

For peace, happiness,and health, you MUST express your gifts

Family, family, family. When you ask yourself “Why a I doing this?” you will always have an answer.

Resources on Amazon and Audible (see also Guided Imagery page on this website)

Surviving Cancer: A Sacred Journey for Women Guided Imagery by Kanta Bosniak Link:

Surviving Cancer, a Sacred Journey: Guided Imagery for Men by Kanta Bosniak Link:

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