The Still Point

When I first went on the road to do spiritual art shows and related guest speaking, it was with my friend Diane Goff. We went on a crazy, fabulous, wildwoman tour in her white van, winding our way up to my other “home” state of Pennsylvania. There, we installed two concurrent exhibits, one at Heart of the Goddess in Berwyn and one at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown. When I spoke about creating sacred space at Pebble Hill Friday evening and then again on Sunday morning to the large congregation, I knew my life was changing and that things would crank up.

If I was going to surrender to the work with all my heart, at points, I would be called to do new things, be stretched outside my comfort zone, and frequently. If I was going to let my ministry be in charge of me and not the other way around, I would have an exciting life, but one that would be, to a certain extent, outside of my control. It would have a life of its own and it was up to me to do my best to stay with it and steward it to the best of my ability.

I asked my inner guidance “How will I manage this? How will I keep my balance?”

I heard this answer in my mind’s ear, “Remember your ballet training. Remember how to spin across the floor without getting dizzy by snapping your head around and always staying focused on one still point.”

May you find that point and keep your eyes on it as you spin gracefully though your life, surrendering to the dance.


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