The Power of Smiling

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are intertwined. So, if you improve the conditions of any, it will have a tendency to improve the condition of all. Some of the simplest and easiest “abundance triggers” are to stand to your full height so that your energy flows freely, keep your chin up, and smile. This is what philosopher and spiritual leader Anandamurti called psycho-spiritual parallelism. It’s not that you fake it till you make it; it’s that taking the action, even if you don’t feel like it actually causes a change, so that you do feel it.

Here’s a Monday morning tune I enjoy because it has such a fun retro vibe. It gives my mind delicious pictures. I see musician and radio host Mindy Abair¬† as comedian Amy Poehler on the set of the 60s rock show, “Shindig!”¬† And I imagine myself being able to play an instrument. In a bustier. And those jeans.

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