The Penguin Suit and Other Costumes

My usual attire for weddings is pretty consistent and you can see it pictured here my weddings page: It’s some version of black skirt, loose black jacket or sweater and under-top, white or cream scarf-type vestment, and pearls or other simple necklace. I choose this attire (as well as language and other cues) to provide a certain level of professionalism, comfort and familiarity to family members who may be more traditional.

Call it a sturdy bridge from that traditionalism to the spiritual/not religious” ceremony the couple wishes. It  helps family members to easily and comfortably enter in to the event. I like to honor them by giving them visual and verbal cues that they are welcome, respected, and invited.

Please know that if your family is entirely  non-traditional and you’d prefer me to wear a more relaxed and creative yet simple and elegant “Wise Woman”costume,” I can certainly go there, and do everyday. That’s what I call “my normal clothes.”

Other costumes for theme weddings: I’m open to exploring the possibilities!

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