The Love Mug

Several years ago, I received a coffee mug at a hypnosis conference at which I was a presenter. On it is written this William James quote: “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

The mug is filled with drawing pens. I really only pay attention to the mug and the pens it contains when I’m doing illustrations for a book. The attitude that is best for pen and ink is freeeee! It’s like being hypnotized. The less hard you work at relaxing, the more relaxed you get!

So, as I move the pen mug to the front of my desk, I get into a love attitude. I think about how much I love my friend Joann, who organized the conference and gave me the mug. I think about the joy of drawing and making funny little heart doodles, like I used to when I was an adolescent. I think about how much I love love, since the book is a new book of love poems. And I think about how much I appreciate the people who are helping me make this book happen. Attitude. Or as they say in Philly, “Atty-tude!”

May your heart be happy. May you see the world with an attitude of appreciation. And may your love mug be filled to overflowing!

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