The Love Door

barbie & ken ornaments

Barb was always a doll person. She played with them when she was little and still had some of her old collection. She loved her work as maker of spirit dolls and art one-of-a-kind ornaments and her business had grown rapidly, because she had an intuitive connection to her patrons. She “got” them and made art that reflected their inner being.

She’d been soooo busy all year making the art dolls and shipping them thither and yon. From September on, things had cranked up to the point where she had no time to even think of dating. Plus, she was one of those people who would rather be alone than settle.

One day in late December, after the Christmas rush had calmed down, she just “got a feeling.” It was time to open the door, metaphorically speaking. There was someone wonderful waiting to come in. So, she reopened and revamped her dating profile. Lots of messages; nobody really interesting. Until she got a message from a guy named Kenn583.

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant

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