The Hawk

A young hawk crashed into my window. It fell onto the deck, stunned. I was afraid it was near dead. I gave it Reiki and talked to it for several minutes.

During this time, it stirred and moved its head, as if looking for the source of what it was feeling. Then, it stood up and rested, getting its bearings. I kept it up and it turned toward me and edged closer, but I don’t think it could see me, because I was on the other side of the window. It had that “What the what?” look.

I waited till the Reiki energy slowed down, then did “Namaste” and I went to my computer to look up “hawks” and see if that really what it was. Yup. When I went back to the window, I saw its beautiful tailfeathers returning the salute as it flew back into the forest.

This was one of the thoughts that showed up in my head: “We don’t have to know where our healing comes from or understand it. We can just say “thank you God” and let that be enough.

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