The Gift of Time: Goodbye “Try”; Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

With a new year approaching, we are reminded of the realities of time. We may be eternal beings, but we only get so many years to be who we are right now, with this specific set of experiences, understandings and abilities. We have choices. Will we spend our time preparing to live the life we have envisioned, or will we simply decide to take the risk of living that life and do it? “Trying” and “struggling,” at a certain point become not so heroic. They lose their charm and glamor and we see them as what they really are: the pain-body pretending to succeed, while in fact, dedicated to failure. As Yoda said, “There is no ‘try,’ Luke Skywalker. There is only do.”

Timeless Love inspires confidence. The awareness of Time of inspires personal heroism. The sweet spot is to feel as loved as a baby, while at the same time to take the bold, decisive actions of a fully mature spiritual warrior. In truth, the more we let ourselves feel that inner love and surround ourselves with those who love and support us, the braver we can be. Let’s rock 2015, friends!  -Kanta Bosniak

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