The Book of Sneakers 4:25

My friend, Carol posts amusing photos on her Facebook page, inviting captions and I love to play that game while I drink my morning mug. This morning, I saw one that I found strangely moving. Several people lines both sides of a sidewalk on city street, creating a kind of experiential portal though which to walk. They were dressed in jeans and there was a sort of grungy informality to the picture. Eagle masks fully covered their heads. The image brought to mind myths of gods taking animal form, Biblical references to angelic appearances, and the wonderful song penned by Eric Bazilian, “What if God Was One of Us?” Since I don’t know who took the photo and can’t ask for permission to post it, I’m not sharing it here, but I am sharing my caption, along with my appreciation for the courage of all who dare to fully commit to life.

“Yea, I saw before me a procession of eagles, each one wearing simple human garb. They stopped before me as angels, blessing my footsteps and clearing a path for me. You do not need to fly, they told me. You, like your brothers and sisters, and all humans before you, have come to this place to put your faith in Love to action. Courage is not for storybook idols. It is for everyday heroes and heroines willing to fully live their lives.” – The Book of Sneakers, 4:25

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