Thanksgiving Love

Barbie & Ken Thanksgiving

It had been 2 and a half years since Barbie’s ex had run off to join the Blue Man Group. After the divorce was finalized Barbie decided to reinvent her life. She took up cross stitch, repapered the dining room walls, and went to Mama and Me yoga classes with her daughter Janie.

She dated a little, but no one special, until she met Ken. She found his penchant for double breasted nautical attire charming. She loved his easy laugh and kind heart. Janie liked him too and nudged her mom to invite Ken for Thanksgiving Dinner.

After the pumpkin pie and coffee, Barbie tucked Janie in and kissed her goodnight and went downstairs. Ken reached into his pocket and drew out a little box. She said “yes.” They had so much to be thankful for!

Rev. Kanta Bosniak, Wedding Officiant


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