Tesla, Peace & Social Activism

Changes are in motion and us being up for the challenge is part of those changes. I hate to get all Bhagavad Gita about it but I think it’s important to maintain the awareness of our Oneness and at the same time get in there and mix it up. I have observed that bullies respond to compassion and kindness… with more bullying, until they feel the consquences so keenly that it really, really gets their attention. Recovery 101: They cannot be reasoned with.  You cannot love them enough to change their minds.

Bullying is a process addiction. And like all addictions, it is progressive until

1. An intervention (sometimes, self-intervention) occurs. It stops. OR

2. Actual or metaphorical death occurs.

Even then, in the big picture, life goes on. We are moving, inevitably toward Universal Enlightenment. Which means that respect and equality for all beings will take place, sooner or later. Yes, as Tesla said, “Peace will never come except as a result of Universal Enlightenment.” But going back to the bully metaphor, a wife-beater is only going to have a prayer of an inkling of a hint of change by having his wife thrown his keister in jail.

What’s going on in the public area is a playing out of the narcissist and reverse narcissist dance. It’s way beyond wishin’ and hopin’ time. It’s time to remember we are one…and intervene. Because self-intervention is clearly not an option. We will as a state, as a region, as a nation, human and Uniiversal family overcome the insanity that is now being acted out against women, gays, creatives, intellectuals, and the 98%.

But here’s the question: How low a bottom is it going to be for all of us? It’s our responsibility to decide and we will reap the results of our decisions.


Kanta Bosniak

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