Techno Savviness and Younger People: Teach Me, O Grasshopper!

I do not experience or perceive tech savvy and spirituality/just being as mutually exclusive nor do I worry for our tech smart kids.

I am grateful to those in my life (many but not all of whom are younger) who are comfortable with technology and who help me become more comforable with it myself. I experience this as an expansion of my potential.

When I work with younger people (which as I age is an ever-increasing percentage of my clients LOL), I find them to be MORE tuned in and intuitive than the average person of  my age or older. People in their 30’s and younger are what I jokingly call “the new model.”

They are extremely responsive to guided meditation and energy work and waaayyy good intuitive learners. Very spiritual, though not necessarily into organized religion. Very present.

I think we are evolving in front of our own eyes. Those of us who have been lifelong meditators are similarly responsive. We don’t seem to have the same built in instincts for techno savviness, but if we’re open to it, we can learn from them just as they can learn from us.

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