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Your Inner Jester

The Jester represents an inner archetype that in a loving and appreciative person, provides joy and healthy perspective. Laughter is a kind of sacrament that deepens connections with loved ones. It can build bridges across imaginary social boundaries and create … Continue reading

Rumi Code

Here’s some free motivational coaching for ya. Imagine that you see pink in a ceramic bowl that should look clearish, if you’re properly hydrating yourself. Oh, the horror. Your life, that is your *future* life and all the things you … Continue reading

Happy World Emoji Day!

As an artist, writer, and performer of transpersonal guided imagery, I recognize the power of archetypal symbols in helping us better communicate with others and with deeper layers of ourselves. So, Happy World Emoji Day! On this sacred occasion, may … Continue reading

Robbing Resentment to Pay Happiness

I’m not going to call resentment Public Enemy Number One. That dubious honor is reserved for the belief in separation. He who believes himself to be separated from, rejected, and hated by a God he believes will judge him will … Continue reading

Life is the Gift

Thank you so much to all who have sent birthday greetings. I feel grateful to be alive and to be so blessed with family, friends, and a crazy sweet wardrobe. 🙂 The older I get, the sweeter I find each moment … Continue reading

Full-Tilt State Shifting

The coloring book and the book state-shifting guidebook, “Abundance Triggers” continue to be my best-selling books in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Other related complements: the guided Imagery, “Abundance Triggers: A Journey of Self Discovery” (Amazon/Audible). And in Paradigm … Continue reading

Smiling and the Matrix

“The Matrix is a system, Peewee. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Mopers, worriers, complainers, and the chronically indignant. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. … Continue reading

Happy Easter and Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover)!

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, March 27. Passover begins the evening of Friday, April 22nd and ends the evening of Sunday, April 30th. Wishing my Christian and Jewish Friends blessed and joyous holiday celebrations!

Buddha Brunch Interview with Ned Kelley

I enjoyed my video chat today with “Buddha Brunch” Host, Ned Kelley. I invite you to watch and listen as we talk about the Abundance Triggers and Paradigm Shifting.

Mulching with Women’s Wear Dailies, Perfume Hacks and Authenticity

Yesterday, my friend Donna told me she had come upon something I had written back in the day. It was poem I wrote when my ex and I owned a 23 acre property and gardening was, like writing, art and … Continue reading