Steampunk and Fairytale Weddings

Kanta Bosniak Weddings- Steampunk and Fairytale

For most weddings, my attire is as pictured in the photos you see on my Weddings page. Simple black, top and bottom, with a white or ivory clerical scarf. However, when couples want to create a certain style or theme, such as a cowboy wedding and want me to wear Western boots, that’s what I do!

Similarly, if you are planning a steampunk, Potter, Hobbit, or fairytale wedding, I’m happy to support the look you envision. From the first time I was asked to do a theme wedding, I began building a hat collection which includes top hats, a derby, a wizard hat, Harry Potter/Retro glasses, and more. I even created a crazy-quilted¬† and embroidered jester hat.¬† And I’m continally adding to my costume wedding collection. If you are dreaming it, I am happy to do my part in bringing your dream to life.

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