“Something the Lord Made,” Soul Truth and You

I love movies, especially really, really good ones. Years ago, I co-wrote and illustrated a film review column called “The Screenheads.” It was fun seeing flicks on the newspaper’s dime and then chewing it over afterwards with my writing partner.

The lingering taste continued to delight and excite when all the forms of expression that comprise filmmaking came together in satyagraha. Soul truth gives us satisfaction. It feeds us, nourishes us, and arouses our joy. It offers us something we are ready to stretch into. It excites our learning centers and the very cells of our body and brain say “Yes!”

Though “Something the Lord Made” was released in 2004, I think it speaks eloquently to present concerns, reaching into the deepest shadow places we now see so clearly dramatized in the public arena. Vivien Thomas’s overcoming story shows him overcoming Old Paradigm attempts to marginalize him, not only as a black man but as a self-taught human being.

Thomas’s brilliance, diligent study and intuitive gifts changed our world and these very actions annoyed and outraged. Those who could not prevent him from offering his gifts took credit for his success. When his colleagues ultimately accept, celebrate and honor him for his immense contribution to medicine, we get to experience the demonstration of Higher Truth in action.

Because greed, racism, misogyny, homophobia and intellectual elitism are all part of the same bad dream of separation from Source, true awakening from one results in freedom from the rest. We are not of value because of outer conditions, but because we are, and when we are who we are, we are brilliant, beautiful, and expressive of that which “The Lord Made” in us and as us.

You are “Something the Lord Made.” Regardless of your color, gender, sexual preference, educational background, economic condition, and personal history. You were made to shine. You were made to demonstrate. You were made to inspire. You are the writer, the director and star of your movie, and the owner of your own screening environment. May your story unfold in ways that delight you. May you demonstrate the overcoming of your illusory limitations. And may your popcorn be fresh and just salty enough!

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