“My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth” -Psalm 121:2

I like the image of “watching the sky,” though of course, that vast energy which we find it convenient to call God does not reside “up there,” but is all-pervasive, within us and in All-That-Is.

However, there is a physiology to hopefulness, courage, positive expectation, and the willingness to receive inspiration intuitive help, and recognize answered prayer when it shows up. If you’re in a closed stance, pinched in and hunched over, you’re not in receiving mode. Any longtime meditator will tell you that kundalini, your energetic life force, flows best when your body is in an upward, supported posture, even as you sit quietly.

When I was a kid, CBS produced a television show called “Look Up and Live.” I can still hear the announcer’s voice, in my mind’s ear. I’d like to expand this invitation. May we look within, look around, and allow ourselves to live in a co-creative state with our Divine Source, from which all goodness flows.




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