“Shower the People,” Showman, & Shaman

I still remember peeling the plastic off my newest James Taylor record, “In the Pocket” with the same anticipation that I felt with each new Beatles album release. I had seen him once in concert at Penn’s Irvine Auditorium. The stream of musical poetry stunned me, opened my heart and lifted up my mind.I’ve always been a sucker for the place where soul meets folk and R&B is always subtly and not so subtly in the mix with this guy. Though his in- between-songs patter clearly displayed the shyness and intensity of an introvert, he rocked the house got a standing O.I actually saw him in the Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC a couple weeks after the concert…three times! The shaman in me says, “pay attention; there’s a gift here,” when something like this happens and it did so even then. As my two dorm girlfriends and I were checking our coats, so was he…and he was clearly NOT thrilled by our presence and the possible prospect of swooning and such. No worries; we were there to see art. But I did notice the mirror of the “I”. Like Greta Garbo, he ” vanted to be alone.” and I could respect that.

I understand what it feels like to subjugate introversion to self-expression and not only openly embrace the terrifying, but choose to run fult-tilt into it and jump into the place far beyond fear and separation and even words. I am aware that extroverts too, have their ways of holding back. Involvement and engaging are not necessarily the same. And the wise ones among them also riseĀ  above the limitation of personality, awakening to true connection, softening the edges, opening the heart. What brave and magnificent beings we humans can be!

That, of course, was the gift: realizing that the inner voice that tells us to hold back- the ego, “is always playing the fool.” And when we listen to different lyrics, the music begins. It really is “better to shower the people you love with love.”

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