Shamans and Tigers and Love, Oh, My!

Sipping my coffee and eating Cinnamon Raison Ezekiel Bread and a banana. Looking out at the forest, open to thoughts flowing through, as they do. A conversation with a friend who tunes into the Akashic Records. Gratitude about a loving relationship. How I have learned! How perfectly our human connections give us exactly what we need to come into our power and beauty!

It would be interesting to know how we first met, what our history was. As I glanced at the farthest tree, I considered, this: If I could look at the book of life and see where life will take me now, what life holds for me, would I? No. The spontaneous wonder and joy of learning and adventure would be compromised. An animal ran along the tree branch. Too big to be a squirrel?

My mind shifted gears. It was a monkey. And I was a shaman walking through the forest, in mid-shift. I recalled the feeling in perfect immediacy, of becoming one with the tiger. I have always loved the big cats! It isn’t a literal tiger that walks with me. It’s a quality of fearlessness, strength and power.

I returned my focus once again to the forest, the faraway tree and what must have been a really, really big squirrel! May you walk in gratitude for your loves and learnings. May you contemplate your future with joyous anticipation, while being present now. May you become skilled at calling up the exact quality you need at any given now. And may your bananas always be sweet and ripe!



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