photo by Kanta Bosniak

Rev. Kanta Bosniak Memorials

Kanta is the winner of local and national awards as a ceremony officiant and has worked for many years with with end-of-life issues.  Beginning with volunteer work for hospice patients, Kanta then did independent consultant work for Good Samaritan Hospice patients. She has also been a presenter to caregivers and health professionals (Wellness Community, End-of-Life Consortium at VCOM, Reading Hospital, Reading PA, Wythe Community Hospital, Radford University School of Nursing, and Good Samaritan in Christiansburg.) For the past five years, she has been a guest speaker for the Bereavement group classes at Good Samaritan in Christiansburg.

To prepare the ceremony script, Kanta meets with family members in order to determine their preferences for the ceremony and to learn about their loved one, so that the ceremony will be personal and meaningful.

“A human life is a major accomplishment. You could think of it as a huge work of art or an epic novel. Each life should be witnessed and honored. I have been interested in people’s stories my whole life and have always been a reader of biographies. It is important to me to understand what makes a person unique. What were his or her gifts? Just as I have painted portraits of inspiring people in my art studio, so do I paint a word portrait in writing and performing a memorial ceremony.  It is my intention and I consider it as a sacred duty to paint a word portrait that vividly depicts, represents, celebrates, and honors the person’s life. In this way, friends and family can carry the memory of that portrait in their heart, along with their cherished memories of their loved one.”
-Rev. Kanta Bosniak

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