Self-Empathy and Living a Passionate Life

I studied with NYC/Woodstock acting teacher Sande Shurin when I lived in NY, so that I could better understand the needs of my actor clients and how to serve them. I am a performer of sorts, but not an actor per se. I really enjoyed it. It grew me both as as a public speaker and as a coach to actors and others. To act, you have to have objectivity and a plan, but you also have to have empathy. For others, of course, but also for yourself. Because that thing in your shadow, whether it’s your dark shadow (that you don’t act on in real life), or your golden shadow (as yet unclaimed potential) is going to be a resource. In real life, understanding that evil actions are based on fear and shame helps build compassion. You stand against the evil, but don’t hate the evildoer. And in real life, having the courage to own your golden shadow takes every bit as much, if not more, courage. The courage to be compassionate for yourself gives birth to the courage to live a passionate life. Find your bliss and find the gifts within you that support that bliss. That’s committing to life and living it all the way.

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