Seatbelts and Everyday Miracles


A song I listened to today about using seatbelts reminded me of something surprising a client once said to me. I always ask people about their preferences regarding language for guided meditation. Do they want me to use the “G” word or should I say “Universal Intelligence?” Are they comfortable “angels” or “loving presence?” or should I avoid this sort of thing altogether?

So I asked the distinguished looking lady sitting in the leather chair. “Oh yes!” she responded. “I’m totally comfortable. Go ahead and invite them! But before we start, can I tell you a story?”

“Sure,” I said, putting down my pen and taking off my glasses.

“I was driving my Explorer on country road and I hit some black ice. I totally lost control. The car flipped. When I went into the skid, I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. When I landed, it was buckled. The car was a mess, but I was fine.”

May your Holidays and all your days be filled with wonder and joy.


Reggie and KimĀ Harris clip. They are amazing! Check ’em out!

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