I love traveling to speak at conferences, churches, and educational settings and anticipate a return to traveling for speaking in the future. But right now, it’s that wild and crazy time, wedding season and I’m busy creating and officiating custom ceremonies as well as coaching, managing my art gallery, creating new art, and working on new publications for adults and children. So, at the present time, I’m staying close to home and scheduling few events (other than weddings). See you on social media and the radio!

June 9, 12:10 PM “Welcome to the World” Radio Interview with “In the Spirit” Radio Host Gary Goldberg, Troy, NY

August 30, 12:45 PT, 3:45 Eastern “Bye, Bye, Mr. Malicious!” Radio Interview with Awakenings Host, Michele Meiche

October 4 12:45 PT, 3:45 Eastern “Bye Bye, Mr. Malicious!” Part 2, Radio Interview with Awakenings Host, Michele Meiche








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