Sacred Unions and Love Poems

As a New Thought author, minister and wedding officiant, I am continually inspired by the concept of love for the beloved as a mirror for love for the Beloved, that universal energy which we call God. Quaker visionary George Fox saw it as “an ocean of love and light.” How interesting and beautiful is the union of opposites!  The watery emotion of love and the firey passion of desire. The fluidity of water and the eternal, changeless and formlessness of Spirit. The following is an except from the introduction of my newest book, Love Poems, which describes this beautiful, living paradox of love that is both human and an expression of our Divine nature.

If we let it be so, love is like water. It can flow from one form into another effortlessly. Stranger to friend to beloved to beloved friend. It may seem to ebb, and then it rises once again, when resistance is released.

Whether we choose to marry, live together, remain as friends (or all of the above!) we are always One. In all our relationships we stand in sacred connection with ourselves, our Source and the “other,” at the altar. We are always in the sanctuary, because That which we call God is everywhere. Most of all, it lives within, where all love stories start. And when at last that inner fire burns brightly, regardless of outer circumstances, be on the lookout! For miracles are about to occur.

c Kanta Bosniak 2012 Love Poems

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