“Sacred Love” Review by LG: Another Precious Gem!”

Another precious gem !
By LG on January 16, 2014

I have become accustomed to the 5 star quality of Kanta’s work, so I looked forward to this next facet on her collection of Gems! it has the same depth and profound appreciation for the everyday miracles of love that her other books of poetry. this one “kicks it up a notch” and takes it to a whole new etheric atmosphere!

I love the way she waxes poetic about popcorn! In other words, she sees the beautiful moments, the treasures of seconds, the breath of love on the wave of laughter, The touch of love on a sleepy morning.

Anew, she reminds us not to get so comfortable in love that we grow blind to the breathtaking beauty of sharing every day real love and life. Kanta has made it easy for us to recognize that love, the Sacred gift of the Gods, is in every expression of sharing life together, if we only see and she helps us see! Easy reading with lingering wisdom.and entertaining style.

I love her charming illustrations and the profound quotes lovingly selected for out pleasure between her poems. I think this book is one to be savored as a gift for yourself FIRST! ( also gifted to those you love or who are in love, or need to learn about love! )

About the Book: Sacred Love is the fourth book of love poems in the Kanta Bosniak Love Collection, which also includes Love Poems, Awakened Love, Twin Flames, and The Love is Everywhere Coloring Book. Both spiritual and earthy, it’s a lovely romantic gift. It also provides a rich source for alternative wedding readings for the “spiritual/not religious” couple. Readers will find themes of Divine and romantic love, blended with the spicy taste of Christmas, New Year’s, and cozy winter nights. Topped off with frothy, lighthearted illustrations, it makes a warm and wonderful treat to share with your beloved.

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