Roadtrip Dilemmas: Deaths, Rememberings & Renewal

heart & cross

you answered detail

At some point in our lives, we go through at an experience that seems to threaten our comfortable existence. Some sort of shakeup to the life as we know it. It may be a loss. Or a profound change. Or a health challenge. For any of us, it happens many times over the course of a lifetime. For all of us, it happens at least twice. Once when we come into form, and again when we return to spirit. We all get to forget where we com…e from and we all get to remember it. What dies, in the end (and every time we remember to correctly identify) is attachment to form, the attempt to control, and the belief in separation, all of which fuel fear and drama. What lives is freedom, beauty, love, and peace.

We stand, at each of these times, at a kind of crossroad. Which voice will we choose to guide us? Ego, which demeans us, or Love, which gives us strength and courage? May we choose the wisdom of the heart, over and over, for it will always lead us home.

Easter Blessings,


images: “Heart and Cross” by Kanta Bosniak, acrylic on wood
detail from “You Answered Me and Made Me Bold” by Kanta Bosniak. Mixed media, acrylic on canvas, mixed fiber and found objects.

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