Retro Re-Treat: aTime to Go Within

There are those who dread the periods when Mercury goes retrograde. Not me. It’s the time when we get to mine for transformational gold. That which has lain dormant now arises to be healed, bringing peace, renewal and creative new ideas which can be implemented in a few weeks, when it’s time to move forward again. Now is the time to clean out your closets, finish old projects and get your ducks in a row. Now is also the time to rest and realign, cuddle with your sweetheart, and open to teaching dreams and visions.

Mercury, my friend slow me down
take me to my center
whisper in my ear,
“Quiet now, and rest.”

Sweep away the non-essential
Bring my heart into your rhythm
and with that of my beloved,
Let us breathe together
till the morning comes.

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