Rene Schwiesow Reviews Kanta Bosniak’s “Love Poems”

Thanks to Guest Blogger Rene Schwiesow for her review of  “Love Poems” in Doug Holder’s Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene.

Kanta Bosniak makes her home in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  There she focuses on her art, music, writing, life coaching, inter-faith work and people.  I met Kanta in a wonderful, artsy coffee shop that showcases much of Kanta’s artwork on a hot, summer morning in 2011 – The Coffee Depot in Christiansburg, VA.

I was surrounded by her vibrant artwork (she had a show hung in the space) and we chatted about many of our similar interests including our need to write.Kanta has a tenacity that I admire combined with energy and action.  When she puts her mind to a task it is virtually complete even as she thinks about it.  She also has a caring, loving soft side that translates well to her book Love Poems.

This work is not about sappy, teenage infatuation, but rather takes our thoughts about love to a higher level, to a place where love encompasses all relationship – that with family, others, and That which we consider the Beloved, God.

In Love Poems, Kanta has combined delightful, energetic drawings with “hand-written” quotes from well-known individuals such as Rumi, Hafiz, Saint Augustine and Gibran and tossed them both with her own poetry.  This poetic, artistic salad feeds us with wisdom, color and fun.  I greatly appreciated her analogy in “Socks:”

I’m glad we’re both the sort of sock
that doesn’t get lost in the machine.
We may spin a little,
but that’s just for fun.

We’re no-drama footwear, easy care.
100% natural fiber.
Comfortable, yet stylish.

Then she’ll take us back to awakening and connection in a quiet meditative piece entitled “Morning:”

Jasmine tea and toast and You
while my beloved sleeps,
exploring inner landscapes of his own.

She spends time speaking to a phenomenon that most of us are familiar with in meeting a person who carries burdens, anger or sadness in “Traveling Light.”

Yesterday I met a woman
in love with death and sadness

The poem relays the feeling of being sucked in, to taking on the shadow of the other person

I felt the stale sweet heaviness
like mordant gray smoke

And choosing to “Travel Light,”

“No thanks,” I told her with a smile

Kanta’s book of Love Poems is a book to turn to for a pick-me-up on a drab day, for a reminder of the connection we have to all others, for a smile and warm fuzzy before drifting off to dream,

letting go,
letting go,. . .sliding on sunbeams
carried on moonrays. . .

*****Rene Schwiesow is a co-host of the popular South Shore poetry venue The Art of Words.  She writes a monthly arts column in The Old Colony Memorial and enjoys reading her work as feature poet and at open mics.

This blog originally appeared in and may be found in the archives of Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

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