Remember to Remember

There are many plays on words hypnotists use to help their clients break free of imaginary blocks and move forward. One is about letting go of old baggage and limiting ideas: “You can forget to remember or remember to forget.” And the other is this wonderful  rhetorical question about letting go of procrastination and seizing the moment: “When would now be a good time?”

What if we put the two together? Here’s one to play with: “When would now be a good time to forget to remember or remember to forget any old baggage that no longer contributes to you living your best life?

Yes, it’s complicated and confusing to the conscious mind and it’s the opposite of “good” straightforward writing. That’s where  both the giggle and the point are, and that’s why it works hypnotically.

Because these plays on words take us away from the conscious and into other parts which *instantly* get the meaning inside the words. The beauty of our being is not in our rationalizations and the part of us that we think of as “intelligent” and oh, so much smarter than “the other.” It’s in our deepest souls and in the part of us which is connected to the vast Intelligence of the Universe, in which we are One and there is no Other.

When would now be a good time to remember to remember Love?

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