Reframing Stand Your Ground

I recently posted this Margaret Sanger quote on my Facebook wall: “No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.” This is a temporal world statement and as such I agree 100%. In the temporal world, freedom is relative. No one is entirely free. Some of us are less free than others, some more, depending on where we live, how much money we make, our gender, etc.

Let us affirm that we are moving toward peace and enlightenment even as we do what we can to address imbalances and inequity. Toward that spiritual awakening when we know that other and larger truth: In the spiritual (not religious) context, we are spirit, and we are innately free NOW.

To observe great imbalances and not feel empathy or to stand apart as “too spiritual” to notice the temporal truth makes no sense to me. We’re here, or we seem to be and we have a collective responsibility to improve the collective dream.  Institutionalized racism, misogyny, homophobia must be ended. Legislative attacks on women, gays, education, democracy and economic inequity must not be tolerated. We need to stand up for ourselves and each other in all our relationships. We are a family, in need of that intervention which will move us into the New Paradigm, where we already are in spirit.

Whether we choose to be social, spiritual or artistic activists, we do what we can to extend love and affirm sanity.  When we know we are already free there is an added power to our activism. When it is not ego- derived or pain- body-driven, it can more effectively forge connection and support cooperation.  Compassionless rage against rage can accomplish little towards bringing about the inner awakening that is necessary to fulfill our dharma.

It’s a matter of placement. Love does not hide in the closet. Sometimes, it may even look like anger as it knocks over the tables in the temple or as it notices out loud “The emperor has no clothes!” This sort of statement can be weak or strong, according to its of awareness of the “other” as enemy or as wounded being crying out in pain and longing for wholeness. It is love extended that raises consciousness and dissolves the obstacles to love. It is the higher ground we stand on as we stand for peace.

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