“Recognition,” Weddings and Sacred Unions

Detail from mixed media painting “Recognition” by Kanta Bosniak


I knew you right away.

A vast intelligence in the eyes

An energetic frequency.

A soul expression

clearer and more transparent

than the finest lens.

Present, powerful and real.

Throughout our journeys

we may have changed our roles,

But ever and always,

we have been friends.

And the Friend says, “Yes.”

I am both an author and a minister who officiates weddings and commitment ceremonies. When I was writing my newest book Love Poems I realized when I wrote this poem that it (and many others in the book) would work well as a reading in a wedding or and commitment ceremony. I invite wedding officiants and couples planning their special day to find in this sweet little book a rich source of readings to incorporate in their unique service. And please, write and tell me which ones you chose; I’d love to hear about how the poem or poems worked with your service!

Congratulations and All Best Wishes,



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