When I was a 19 year old university student and yoga teacher, I was given the name Kanta by my meditation teacher. It means “beauty that shines from within” or “radiance.”

Through the years, my name has been a constant reminder to me of what is eternal and real: our spiritual essence. It has helped me to identify with That, even in moments when I felt shame, separation and unworthiness. … I am not my body. I am not my personality. I am not my mental mind. I AM spirit.

My personality enjoys the girl glamors of Maya. For me, clothes, makeup, and all that stuff is theater, fun, creative expression. I have come to understand and accept that meeting the worldly needs is not only OK, but good. It’s fine to love the happy dream, what ever “happy” may mean to us. In fact, it’s important, because when out body and personality needsĀ are met, we have increased vitality to do what, as Charles Fillmore might say, what is there to be done by us.

May you discover what most pleases and revitalizes your personality. May you live your happy dream. May you find your inner Self, from which all truth and beauty radiate. And may That Light Within you shine brightly!

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