Portraits that Breathe and Sing

Many of you have seen my contemporary folk art portrait series of modern icons like Steve Jobs, Louise Hay, and Bono. I’m now doing commissions of private and public people……which may include you, someone you wish to honor, or a wedding portrait of you and your beloved.I also invite musicians desiring album cover portraits and organizations and educational insititutions who want to honor leaders in a more out of the box and lively way than the traditional staid and sober portrait we’re all used to seeing.

There’s one of my dad hanging in a hallway at Monmouth College and though it’s technically a good likeness, it isn’t, well, my dad. Yes, he was a college president. He was also an impassionated humanitarian, a man who loved to climb mountains and get his hands dirty in the garden. He loved (and I’m sure stil loves) his children and he gave back to life. My portrait of him (working on it now) will show that guy.

I laughingly gave myself the title “Minister of Art” many years ago on my Amazon profile, because I believe in the power of art to heal and to inspire us to our fully radiant selves and that’s what fuels all my creative endeavors. I like my portraits to reveal the essence of the person.

So, a portrait commission includes an interview. Who is the subject? If it’s you, let’s talk about you. If it’s someone you want to honor. let’s talk about them and what they mean (or meant, for memorials) to you or your organization. If it’s you and your beloved, who are you as individuals and who are you as a couple? There is a special sweetness, energy and beautitiful balance in pairing. It has a flavor, a music, a feeling all of its own. I want to paint what that looks like to you. for you.

My intention is to honor the best, brightest and most meaningful in the subject, so that the portrait serves as an “abundance trigger” (or “happy button”) for you or your organization. If that interests you and you’d like to see more of my work, please check out the article and tour/interview with art critic Ron Schira on the Art page of here on my website, http://KantaBosniak.comand the best way to contact me for portrait commisssions is art4spirit@yahoo.com.

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