Personalizing Your Wedding

I feel privileged to get to know each and every couple and to do my part in making their special day beautiful and meaningful. In most circumstances, the personalization process is typically accomplished with three or four interactions:

1. The initial conversation with the bride or groom, whichever one calls me to secure my services.

2. A one hour interview in person or by phone, if the couple lives out of the area. This is where we discuss and plan the ceremony, and when I get to know who they are as individuals and as a couple, what their preferences are for the various aspects of the ceremony, and I hear their love story. This interview gives me the “art supplies” with which to craft the ceremony script.

3. A check-in call to make sure details of the ceremony script are as the couple wishes them, and remind them to bring the license to the wedding, or the rehearsal, if there is to be one.

4. Sometimes there is a call or email, between the interview and the pre-wedding check-in, if the couple was not sure what they wanted for a reading. I may do some research to find something that works for them and matches their theme, if they are doing a theme wedding. Or they may have considered some we talked about in the interview and chosen one, or found one on their own that they would like me to include.

These are the “normal” scenarios, but you know, as the saying goes, “Normal is just a setting on your dryer.” Life happens and you go with the flow of what the adventure brings you and embrace it! It’s good to have a plan and an organized way of doing things, so that they go smoothly and everyone can stay relaxed. And at the same time, it’s good to be willing to adapt to the unexpected… like rain, snow, and whatever may come along… and still stay relaxed! That way your special day can be 100% enjoyable.

One wedding was set to go, and then unavoidably delayed, so we got back in touch when the rescheduled time came, and did the nuptials with style, grace, and joy. Divine order and timing!

I really appreciate these kind words from the beautiful bride and I will always treasure the memory of working with her and her husband.

“Despite us having a long distance wedding, Kanta contacted us numerous times in order to get to know us. She made our ceremony very personalized for us. She has gone above and beyond what you would expect from a wedding minister. Our ceremony was definitely more meaningful thanks to her.”

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