Perfect Order, Fortunate Impact, and Hypnosis

This morning I am grateful for hypnosis and my high school sweetheart Benjy, who looked much as I imagine Jesus: short and swarthy with a big nose, a black beard and a ready laugh.

Bengy had a new game he wanted to try out on Zach and me.

“Close your eyes,” he said, and then he began to count us down. I dropped like a rock, entering a state so pure and beautiful that when he brought us back, I… was stunned by the recognition that this had been a sacred experience, while he and his friend went on to the next thing like nothing had happened.

A year or two later, I found my people as a meditation student and teacher, guiding the staff and patients of a busy metropolitan hospital on that path of bliss that some call meditation and some hypnosis. It is One to me.

How amazing it is that we meet just the right people! And that we teach each other all the time and often never know what an impact we may make and as That Love expresses through us in perfect order and timing. ♥

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